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No, the buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

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Q: Can a cosigner get out of a used car contract in the first 3 days?
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When will the first payment be due on a car?

Generally, after the purchase of a new or used car, the contract will state when a payment is due. Usually, it is due 30 to 45 days after the contract is signed.

Can you switch the cosigner to the primary and the primary to a cosigner?

It depends on the policy of the finance company. I used to work in the auto finance business, and the companies that I worked for would not do it because there was no reason to. Technically speaking, the co-signer is fully liable for the loan, just like the primary signer, so whose name appeared first on the contract had nothing to do with anything.

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In the state of Michigan how many days do you have to cancel a used car contract?

If you have signed the contract and taken posession of the car it is yours. There is no cooling off period on the purchase of an automobile. You bought it, so you own it.

In Kansas how many work days do you have to change your mind after purchasing a used car?

You do not have any days to change your mind after purchasing a car. This is a binding contract and you are stuck with the car after you have bought it.

In the state of Arizona how many days does a person have to legally cancel a written and signed contract when not done in the buyer's home?

You have three business days to cancel a contract if: The sale was solicited in the consumer's home; or A gift was offered for attending a sales presentation that led to the contract; or A consumer's primary home is used as security and the loan is not used to purchase or construct the home. Otherwise, a signed contract - for a car, an item or a service - is legal and binding in all 50 states in the U.S.

If the installment contract had inadvertently not been signed by the seller and the buyer wants out after three days is this a sufficient loophole for a used car contract?

The dealer typically never signs the contract when the customer does. The dealer principal does quite often. Sorry this is not a loophole, its still a binding contract. However if you signed an open contract where it doesn't say what bank anywhere on the contract its assigned to then a very good lawyer can help you. Sometimes dealers can have you sign a contact without getting an approval from a bank first so they can leave that part out for them to hand write it in later.

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Can a used car dealer verbally add on a late charge for 1 day late months after the contract that was signed said 10 days late there would be a charge?

No, a Signed contract is Legally binding, you would need permission from a courthouse to modify any such contract.

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