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Bankruptcy is normally voluntary, however if your creditors feel it is required for them to get paid and you refuse, they can force it - an involuntary bankruptcy.

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Q: Can a court order a company or person to file bankruptcy in the state of Georgia?
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Are you a bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is when a person or a firm thinks that they are in financial crisis, they go out for filing bankruptcy in related court.

How do you find if you are listed as a creditor in chapter 7 filling?

You will receive, directly from the bankruptcy court, a notice of filing and information on filing your claim with the court. If you believe a person has filed bankruptcy, and you know the person' s address, you can check with the clerk of the bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy court one files in is determined by the county within which the debtor resides.

How do i get a copy of my own bankruptcy records in Georgia?

Contact the clerk for the court your bankruptcy was filed. Bankruptcy documents are available but you will typically be charged a copy fee. The clerk can provide you with this information.

What do you do to get your name and your children removed if someone used your name income and children as dependents for their bankruptcy?

Your question needs to be addressed to an attorney familiar with bankruptcy laws as well as fraud statutes. You could begin by informing the bankruptcy trustee. That is the person assigned by the bankruptcy court to determine the eligibility of the bankruptcy applicant. If you can't find out who this person is, try calling the bankruptcy court. Bankruptcy is a federal court issue. There are usually two bankruptcy courts per state.

If a credit card company has already set a court date against you can you still file bankruptcy?

Absolutely, you can send the notice of bankruptcy filing to the court and you will not have to attend.

Bankruptcy docket number?

A bankruptcy docket number is the number that the court assigns a person's case. The court will call your case by the docket number.

Do you know if you go to bankruptcy court do you get discharged when you go there?

A person or persons would need to file for bankruptcy before having any contact with the court and/or bankruptcy trustee. A bankruptcy discharge is what is granted if the filing is deemed valid.

When a company files bankruptcy what happens to the union contracts?

They can be changed by the Court.

What is the number of the notice provided by the court notifying a company that their debtor has filed bankruptcy?


Can a person who surrendered their property in bankruptcy sign a deed in lieu?

A person who is engaged in a bankruptcy proceeding cannot convey property outside of the court proceeding. You should contact the trustee in bankruptcy for advice because the court will want to review the transaction. You will likely need a court order to execute the deed.

Can a person file for bankruptcy to avoid paying small claims court?

Probably, assuming they are actually bankrupt. If they are not actually bankrupt, then the automatic stay will delay the small claims court for a while, but the person who filed for bankruptcy is going to end up in even more hot water with the bankruptcy court.

How can one find out if a company is filing for bankruptcy?

A company filing for bankruptcy must do so at a court, which is generally a matter for public record. Local procedures will determine the manner in which you can access this information.

Can you still file bankruptcy if a credit card company sues you?

Yes, bankruptcy will halt any lawsuit action. If the lawsuit will be included and discharged in the bankruptcy is dependent upon the ruling of the court.

What federal court hears cases involving federal bankruptcy court?

Federal Bankruptcy Court hears bankruptcy cases.

Can a person file for bankruptcy from out of state?

Venue lies in the federal bankruptcy court district where the person has lived for the past 6 months, or most of the past six months. Since it is a federal court, it has jurisdiction over all issues from another state. Consult an experienced local bankruptcy lawyer.

Can a finance company garnish your wages if you work and live in sc Work in sc owe debt in Georgia?

Yes, a finance company from Georgia can garnish wages even if the person lives and works in South Carolina. If the company got a judgement in court, they can garnish the wages in any state.

File a claim in bankruptcy court?

You should always confirm your claim by filing a claim form with the bankruptcy court. It confirms the amount you're owed. If the amount differs from the amount that the company has on file, you may need an attorney at some point, because if the company contests or disagrees with your claim, the company could submit to the court to wipe out the entire amount or partial amount.

Can a person sell their land if they are in bankruptcy?

Yes, but only with the BK court's permission

When a person files bankruptcy in October and then wins money in a lottery are they required to report the winnings to the bankruptcy court?

You would only need to report the winning ticket if the bankruptcy was not discharged.

What is the highest court in Georgia that person can eventually appeal to when break law?

The highest court in any state is the state's Supreme Court. So, the Georgia Supreme Court.

If you sue and get a judgment and then the other person files bankruptcy to keep from paying you will you be notified so you can object to it's inclusion in Bankruptcy court?

You should be.

Does a person paying crimina restitution criminal to a company continue to pay if the company goes bankrupt and no longer exists?

You will still owe the restitution to SOMEONE. In any bankruptcy there is a receiver who handles the apportionment of debts and assets. Your restitution payment would be considered an asset to the bankrupt company and, unless the bankruptcy court discharged your debt, you would probably have to continue to pay the full amount due.

Bankruptcy Court Cases: Reasons to File a Bankruptcy Case?

In a touch economy, there has truly been an uprise in the number of bankruptcy court cases filed everyday. Filing for bankruptcy is something that should never make a person feel ashamed or guilty. Rather, bankruptcy is a normal part of what happens when the economy takes a turn for the worse and people lose their jobs. This article will discuss the best ways that a person can handle his or her bankruptcy situation. When a person feels that debt becomes too much to bear, then it may be time to file for bankruptcy. If a person is unable to make his or her monthly payments on credit cards or simply owes too much in loans, then it is a good idea for this person to begin considering the possibility of filing for bankruptcy. If a person is unsure whether or not he or she should file for bankruptcy, then it is a good idea for this person to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer. A bankruptcy lawyer often gives a free consultation to any person that comes into his or her office. This consultation will reveal whether or not a person qualifies to file for a certain type of bankruptcy, as well as whether or not it is in a person's best interest to file for bankruptcy. To file for certain types of bankruptcies, there are certain conditions that must be met. For example, if a person wants to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, then he or she will need to have a regular and stable income. If a person is a student without an income, then he or she will be unable to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If a person also does not have any assets, then he or she will likely be unable to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is truly a good idea for a person to carefully consider the type of attorney he or she gets to work on a bankruptcy case as well. A person will need to make sure that an attorney is qualified to work on his or her case. A person should always make sure that a lawyer is in good standing with the bar association of a certain state, otherwise a case may be dismissed in court. One does not want to have this happen in court, since it can often be embarrassing and cost a person a lot of money.

Would bankruptcy be tried in federal court?

Yes. The federal court system has exclusive jurisdiction over bankruptcy cases; they are heard in US Bankruptcy Court.

If your company is owed money from a company that goes into Chapter 11 what do you need to do?

If a company goes into a Chapter 11 owing your company money, you need to submit a claim to the bankruptcy court yesterday.