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sure they can but they cant collect or that is what happens in Texas they can get an injunction against you but that means you have to pay them but not when Absolutely. You own them the money and they can hire an attorney or sell the debt to a collection agency.

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Q: Can a credit card company issue a summons for unpaid debt or can a credit card company retain services of an attorney and sue for unpaid debt?
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What company offers credit consolidation services?

Many companies offer credit consolidation services. Check with your local credit union or bank to see if they offer this. If that does not satisfy you, you can consult a phone book for a company in your area.

What kind of services does the member services department of a credit card company offer?

The member services department of a credit card company answers any questions the customers may have. The stafff does everything they can to satisfy the members.

What is a company that provides credit financial services?

Credit financial services are available from many different companies. Visa and MasterCard offer credit card services through various financial institutions.

it there such a thing as credit insurance?

There is no such thing as credit insurance, however there is credit monitoring services. These services require you to pay a monthly fee and in return, a company will monitor your credit for fraudulent activity.

What services does Total Merchant Services provide?

The Total Merchant Services provide a customer and company with credit card processing services. It can be used online for purchasing completely with credit cards.

What type of services does BarclayCard offer?

BarclayCard is a credit card company that provides credit cards.

What companies specialize in Christian debt services?

Companies that specialize in Christian debt services are Christian Credit Relief, Trinity Credit, Family Life Credit and Christian Credit Consolidation. Another company that provides this service is Family Credit.

What services are offered by the company First Ontario Credit Union?

First Ontario Credit Union is an Online Banking and Investing company based in Hamilton, Ontario. They provide various online banking, investment, and borrowing services.

What services does the company Canadian Credit provide?

Canadian Credit Reporting (CCR) is a consumer and commercial credit reporting service that is based in Toronto. CCR offers various monitoring services for businesses and consumers.

What finance services are provided by Creation?

The company Creation offer a range of financial services such as affordable loans. Similarly, the company also offers life insurance and credit card services for customers.

Is Paul Michael Glaser the spokesman for a debt counseling company?

Yes he is. The company is Consolidated Credit Counseling Services.

What services does the Ford Motor credit company offer to consumers?

Ford Motor credit company offers services to customers primarily to enable them to buy a Ford motor vehicle. It enables both financing and leasing of Ford vehicles.

Where can one find company credit reports?

Finding one's company credit report can be done by purchasing it from a business credit bureau. Dun and Bradstreet as well as Experian offer subscription services to allow for the access to one's own company credit report at any time.

What services can a person get from Experian?

Experian is a credit reporting and credit scoring company. You can get your credit score and report as well as monitoring, credit file disclosure, and identity theft protection.

What type of services does the Life Lock company offer?

LifeLock is an American company based in Tempe, Arizona, who offer protection against identity theft. Their protection system can detect fraudulent applications for both credit and non-credit services.

Does a credit card company have to serve you and notify you of court to get a judgment?

yes. they must first file suit and serve you a summons giving you 21 days to respond. After that, if you do not respond they will serve a summons with a court date. If you do not show up, a bench warrant will be issued.

What exactly is the schools financial credit union?

A school financial credit union is a company that provide services like a bank but the people that use their services would need to be school employees.

What does the company Chase Paymentech do?

Chase Paymentech is a company that offers credit card management services. They also provide payment processing and services for online sales when the customer is not with the seller.

What should you do if you were served with a civil summons from a Kentucky Sheriff's Department for non-payment of credit card debt?

Best thing to do is probably to contact an attorney for legal advice for your next steps to follow.

What is needed in order to sign up for credit counseling services?

What is needed in regards to signing up for credit counseling services will depend on which credit counseling company you decide to go with. Each company will have their own specific requirements, although there are some standards that almost all companies will ask for. The first thing you

Where is a credit card processing company in Puyallup, WA?

There are credit card processing companies in Puyallup, WA where services range from simple to complex credit card processing. These card processing services can be simple for the average consumer, or a bit more complex for business that are looking for a company to handle their corporate accounts.

If a credit card company sends you a summons will it go on your credit report right away or does it mean they are bluffing?

A creditor does not issue a summons. A summons is issued by the court of jurisdiction when some form of legal action has commenced. A summons will not be placed on a CR. However, if a judgment is awarded in a lawsuit, that will be entered into the public records section of the CR and will remain seven years or perhaps longer. In regards to the "bluffing", if the person has received a summons from the court via regular mail, courier service, a process server or a sheriff; you can be certain it is indeed real and should be responded to within the time limit noted.

What is buyers credit and difference between suppliers credit and buyers credit?

Buyers credit is financing provided to a buyer to pay for supply of goods or services usually by an exporting country or by the supplier company.

Can credit card company garnish wages if you do not show up in court?

I believe that if a credit card company takes you to court and you or your representative (attorney) do not appear, a summary judgment can be issued against you and the court can order your wages garnished.

What services does American Express provide for its customers?

American Express is a credit card company based in the United States. They offer services such as online banking, re-loadable gift cards, travel options, business services and credit cards.