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Can a creditor obtain your credit without permission?

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Absolutely ... happens all the time ... like when people get these credit card offers in the snail-mail ... the credit company has checked your rating to see if you might qualify for one of their cards.

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when you ask said lender for a loan, you will sign a release that allows them to obtain your credit report and show it to you.If you are applying for credit, you may give permission for a credit review. Otherwise, your credit cannot be reviewed without your permission.

Using protected intellectual property without permission is a violation of federal law.

They can do a number of things: Take you to court and obtain a judgement. Once they have that they can garnish wages or confiscate property to obtain their money. Make a negative entry into your credit report, making it more difficult for you to obtain credit for additional credit cards as well as home and auto loans.

You should obtain permission first. You may be sued even if you do give credit to the author.

If you give permission, your spouse can get medical records from before marriage. Without your written permission, your spouse can't legally obtain such records.

Credit reports determine your credit score based on your credit card usage. Without a credit card, you'll be unable to obtain a credit report. If you are of age, it is best to obtain a credit card and use it responsibly in order to build good credit. Good luck!

The police cannot enter onto private business property without the owner's permission in Arizona. They must obtain a warrant to do so, if they do not receive permission.

This is illegal, unless he had your written permission to do so. This is pure fraud and you need to discuss this with him ... NOW!!

The creditor must obtain a court order first.

how do i obtain a secondary credit number

It is very hard to obtain a private loan without credit or a co-signer. If you have collateral such as a vehicle/boat, then you may be able to obtain a secured loan from a credit union. Try building credit with a secured card or a student visa with a low limit before attempting to get a loan.

After filing for bankruptcy in Canada you may borrow money. The risk is borne by the creditor. During bankruptcy, after filing but prior to being discharged, you may obtain credit with a value of up to $1,000. without advising the creditor of your bankruptcy. Should you seek to borrow more than $1,000 you are obliged to advise the lender that you have filed for bankruptcy.

There doesn't appear to be any requirements financially that need to be met by a person to obtain a sears credit card. The website actually offers cards without credit checks.

You may obtain your credit score for free without a credit card or any obligation from (TransRisk Score) and (Plus Score).

Merchant accounts typicaly require a credit check. Google Checkout is available without a merchant account.

To get your free credit report log on to a website such as Be alert, that if you request your credit report too often your credit will be affected, it's a Catch 22.

In all likely hood it would be impossible to obtain a credit card of any kind without providing a social security card number. Without that item, a person's credit records cannot be accessed properly.

The banks send your information to the major credit reporting agencies. In order to freeze your bank account the creditor must obtain a court order to collect on a debt from you. With that court order they can get your account information from the bank to process the freeze/collection.

Yes, as long as you secure the card 100% (i.e. $1,000 to get $1,000 credit card). A good resource is your local credit union ...

Creditors obtain all the information they need to report defaulted accounts to credit bureaus when the account holder fills out the original application/agreement.

The person involved could obtain a copy of their credit report and check to see what creditor is listed as a charge off. Be advised that not every credit bureau has information on every account that belongs to an individual. The simplest option is to wait until the creditor or collector makes contact, and they most definitely will.

The creditor can take the matter to court, obtain a judgment lien and take any property either party owns.The creditor can take the matter to court, obtain a judgment lien and take any property either party owns.The creditor can take the matter to court, obtain a judgment lien and take any property either party owns.The creditor can take the matter to court, obtain a judgment lien and take any property either party owns.

There are two different types of credit inquiries. One is when you request that a potential creditor run your credit in order to obtain some type of credit offer. This type requires you to approve the credit check and may ultimately affect your credit score. The second is a general review that many larger credit offering organizations pay to have access to. This type is the kind that you do not have to approve and do not affect your credit score. I would figure out which type the company performed. If it was the first type, you have reason to contact the credit reporting bureau to begin an investigation at no charge.

One can obtain Dun and Bradstreet credit reports through the company's website. One can obtain a Credit Evaluator Plus report for $61.99. One can obtain a Business Information Report for $121.99. One can obtain a Comprehensive Insight Plus Report for $151.99. You can obtain D&B credit reports on line at

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