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Can a daughter file to be the administrator of the estate for her father if he died without a will if her aunt paid for the funeral costs?

In the UK a daughter would come before an aunt, in relation to dealing with a deceased's estate, they are known as "issue".

Your father owns a real estate titled joint tenancy with his daughter if he dies will the estate pass on to his wife or his daughter?

I think the estate will be passed onto his daughter since the real estate entitled joint tenancy with his daughter. The surviving wife will, however, have a very strong case if the father dies intestate (without a will). Get Dad down to a good property lawyer and be prepared to spend $1000 or so. Well worth it, daughter.

How do you file for estate administrator for your father who died without a will?

The best thing is to consult a probate attorney in your jurisdiction. Depending on the laws, there may not be a requirement to probate.

Can a half sister in her father share in her father estate?

Yes, a half sister can share in her fathers estate if she was the blood daughter of the father.

What are you entitled to after your father passes being his only daughter?

My father passed away this year without a will but made his brother the gaurdian of his estate. am i entitled to everything he owns?

If your father have a wige and she died without a will and he get it when he died and he have lawfull children and illigimate children who get the estate?

If my father died without a will and he have lawful children. And iligimate children who get his estate

Can daughter because she took care of sick father make brothers repay 40000 to the estate if these were loans?

The daughter cannot demand the money, but the executor of the estate can. This sounds like a good time for a non family member to be the executor. The loans are a part of the assets of the estate.

My father died without a valid will is my mother the next of kin for his estate?

Yes she is.

Who has the rights of ownership of your father's ashes and is it his daughter or his mother?

Without a doubt the daughter. That is her father unless they had a bad relationship but otherwise the daughter.

Is the daughter of deceased father liable for his debt in Texas?

The estate of the deceased is liable. If you inherit any money, property or valuables these should have been used to settle the estate. If there was no estate then you will need to show this to the IRS.

Father passed away and mother never opened estate Now mother is gone who is responsible for opening the estate of the father Will states everything is left to wife?

Each estate must be separately administered. Fathers creditors will need to be paid from father's estate, necessary tax forms will be filed. Father's estate will need to be distributed according to the father's will, i.e., the residual to the surviving spouse. The estate of the spouse is then probated by the administrator of the wife's estate, as required by the wife's creditors and heirs.

How does the son of the deceased obtain power of attorney?

A Power of Attorney can only be executed by a person who is living and has legal capacity. If your father has died owning property then his estate must be probated. You must petition the probate court to be appointed his executor, if he had a will, or the administrator of his estate if he died intestate (without a will). You should consult with an attorney in your area who specializes in probate law.

If you'm administor of my deceased father estate I'm you responsible for his unpaid bills?

Your father's estate is responsible for his debts. The debts must be paid before any of his property is distributed. If you are the court appointed Administrator it is your responsibility to publish a notice of his death to notify his creditors that they make make claims. You should consult with an attorney if you don't understand your duties and obligations as Administrator.

Can your father adopt your daughter without your consent?

absolutely not, no one can adopt any one without the proper court orders

What is the relationship between daughter and her father?

the elationship between father and daughter is a daughter must love her father and respect him and be honest to him ,,and the father must obei his daughter and follow her advice for them to be in peace

What us president marry his step-daughter?

No President married his legal step-daughter. Grover Cleveland was a good friend of his future wife's father and he took an interest in her well-being from her birth. When her father died, Cleveland administered the estate and so had control over her finances while she was a minor.

You are a daughter and have a power of attorney to sell your parents property when your father suddenly dies?

Your POA expired upon your father's death. His estate must be probated in order for you to have the legal authority to sell the real estate.

How do you claim assets of a deceased father with no will?

If your father owned any property at the time of his death then his estate must be probated. If he died without a will then his estate is an intestate estate. (See related question link.) You should contact an attorney who specializes in probate if there is considerable property that includes real estate. For very small estates without real estate most probate courts have an expedited process. If that is the case you should inquire at the probate court in your jurisdiction.

What is the relationship between this father in daughter?

Father IN daughter relationship is Incest

Has a stepchild any rights to benefit from her fathers estate if no will was left?

If she was his step-daughter, no, she cannot expect to inherit anything. From her natural father she may inherit.

Does my ex mother in law co-inherit my children's father estate He had no will?

Laws vary. Generally, the surviving spouse and the children inherit in an intestate (without a Will) estate. If you were not married to the father then his children would inherit his estate. You can check the laws in your jurisdiction by performing an online search for "intestacy laws- your jurisdiction".

You own a home in VA but your father has a lifetime home but he moved out. Can you sell it without his permission?

The property is still subject to the life estate. If the father won't sign off on it, you can sell it subject to the live estate, but it reduces the value a great bit.

Does have right to there father estate?

The imidiate family has the right to their fathers estate.

What if your ex has just come to your house and taken your daughter without your permission can he do this?

If he has court orders, than yes. Without orders, a single father cannot. A married father can, if custody has not yet been established.

To what extent a daughter is entitled to the estate of a deceased Muslim father?

The answer depends on the jurisdiction where the decedent died. If a Muslim father died in the United States, state laws would govern the distribution of the property that is in the United States. The disposition would depend on whether the decedent died with or without a will. For decedents who died intestate (without a will) state laws may be checked at the related question link provided below.