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Can a doctor prescribe medicine to help gain weight?

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== == Yes, some that have been used in patients with decreased appetite include Marinol and Periactin.

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Can you gain weight off the medicine Clozapine?

You can gain weight when using the medicine Clozapine.

Do you gain weight after taking homeopathic medicine?

No, unless you are taking homeopathic medicine for weight gain

What type of medicine would a doctor give someone with anorexia?

There is no exact type of medicine for anorexia. It depends on the person. Usually a doctor will prescribe a medicine to help or fix a problem that is associated with the eating disorder, such as depression or liver damage. Weight-gain supplements or nutritional drinks / shakes might also be perscribed to help the anorexic get to a healthy weight again with proper nutritional levels of vitamins and minerals.

What medicine to gain weight?


What can cause dizziness rapid weight gain muscle aches and severe fatigue in 34 year old female?

I am the same age and experiencing the same problems. I have other hypothyroid symptoms also, but my levels aren't low enough for the doctor to prescribe medicine.

Is there any medicine that can gain weight faster?

Medications can only gain weight if weight are added to them. Medications are not living creatures.

Will i gain some weight after a gastric bypass?

If you have had Gastric Bypass surgery your doctor has already told you and reviewed with you how to eat after surgery. If you do not follow the diet your doctor has set out for you, you are going to gain weight. Follow the diet and you will not gain weight.

What is the first step in trying to gain weight?

See a doctor and see if you need to gain weight. The doctor with probaly suggest a special shake or give you pills.

Will you gain weight by taking Birth control?

if you are on certain birth controls you can gain weight... it depends on which one you are on. Ask your doctor if their is a chance that you will gain weight by being on the pill she is suggesting, there are some that will not usually make you gain weight.

Does celebrex cause weight gain?

Celebrex is not known for causing weight gain. According to its maker, less than 2% of patients experienced the side effect of weight gain while using the medicine.

Will minocycline make you gain weight?

Weight gain can be a serious side effect of taking minocycline. If you experience this, call your doctor immediately.

What medicine helps you gain weight?

steriods helped me put on 6 stone

Are there pills that help you gain weight?

Yes but don't take them unless your doctor prescribes them. Eat well and workout a lot to gain weight.

Do you should gain weight or maintain it?

It is best to maintain your weight at a healthy level [not to low or high] ask your doctor what a good weight for you is. Sometimes if you have a low weight for your age and height you need to gain weight, but if you weigh to much you should lose weight. So your best be is to ask your doctor about your weight and see what you need to do!!

How can your 13yr old boy gain weight?

Do they really need to gain weight? Maybe build muscle, instead of hitting the candy. Ask your doctor.

Is there a drug that can make you gain weight?

Medical steroids can help people gain weight, but you should talk to your doctor before taking any medications.

What medicine can you take to get a big but?

haha steroids, they make you gain weight! that's about it sorry

Can you buy medicine at the store to gain weight?

yes you can i did lots of fun if your skinny.... if your overweight DO NOT

Where can I find more information on weight gain after gastric bypass ?

Your doctor should be able to educate you all about the possiblity of weight gain following bariatric surgery. From what I have read, it is still possible to gain weight even if you have had the surgery.

You are on periactin but you want to gain more weight what can you take?

yes i just asked the question of if I'm already on priactin but cant hold the weight what other form of medicine can i use to gain and maintain the weight

Where is a good weight gain diet?

Well first of all you should check with your doctor if its safe to gain weight, and then if your doctor says its ok you can follow this guide

How do you lose weight if your pregnant?

This is not a time to lose weight, you are supposed to gain it. If you however is obese or really overweight you have to speak to your doctor who can send you to a dietitian so you at least don't gain more. Losing weight depends on what the doctor says. He might not approve.

Do bioidentical hormones make you gain weight?

No; in fact, bioidentical hormones can help stop weight gain caused by loss of hormones during menopause. This is why doctors often prescribe them for women (or men) going through the aging process.

The first step before beginning any weight-loss or weight-gain strategy is to consult a doctor?

True------>APEX:)Before starting any major weight loss of weight gain excersise you should consult your doctor if this is right for you as your goal weight might be unhealthy.true

How many calories do you need to gain weight?

more than the doctor advises you to have.