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No, dogs should only eat beef bones, the vets are frowning on giving bones now, but if your dog is in good health a beef bone once in a while is not harmful, a good hard bone one that cannot splnter. you lamb bone will splinter and may do some damage, don't give it to the dog

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What if your dog eats a lamb shank bone?

Dogs are carnivores. Depending on the size of the dog a lamb shank bone should cause no harm.

Can you give a dog lamb leg bones?

i wouldn't a big dog will have a lamb bone in half in 10 minets swallow it and that can lead to sirios helth issues

My dog swallowed a huge lamb bone whole?

you need to get to the vet asap

Our golden found a cooked lamb chop bone in our trash and i want to know if she is at risk so can a dog eat a small cooked lamb chop bone?

You should take her to the vet.the bone isn't good for her.

What happens if your dog chewed a lamb bone and splinters got in his stomach?

Contact the vet.

Are cooked lamb bones safe for your dog?

No, when a bone is cooked, it hardens. Hardened bones can break your dog's teeth. And lamb bones can easily splinter.

Can dog have lamb bone?

yes all dogs that i know love dogs that i know love lamb and turkey bone just too be sure dont just give a big chunk give a little bit first :)

What is the answer to the analogy sheep is to lamb as dog is to?


What Does the Dog see in the river of the book The dog and the bone?

The dog see's a reflection of him with the bone and thinks it is another dog with another bone.

What medium dog is best as a family dog?

well their chow dog their all kind of medium dog for a family

Who is The Dog and the Bone author?

The Dog and the Bone is one of Aesop's fables

Can a boxer dog have a cooked lamb bone?

Yes, that is completely fine. Beware of poultry bones (chicken, turkey, etc.) since they splinter if chewed and can thus harm a dogs stomach lining. But lamb or cow bones are perfectly fine.

What to do if a dog eats a boiled lamb bone?

Cooked bones tend to splinter so you need to just keep an eye on your dog for a day or so. You will be able to tell if your pet is experiencing trouble. He/she will probably be just fine.

When was Given the Dog a Bone created?

Given the Dog a Bone was created in 1980.

Which is more digestible lamb or chicken?

In dog food, chicken is generally considered more digestible than lamb. Usually, lamb and other meats are only used if a dog has an allergy to chicken.

A dog fetching a bone is an example of what kind of trait?

A dog fetching a bone is a fine example of a treat. (for the dog)

What bone does a cat have that a dog does not?

Clavicle bone

Should you feed a dog lamb?

No reason not to.

How do you repair a dog bone on a Chevy Celebrity?

The dog bone is not repairable, simply replace it.

What does dog with a bone mean?

It means your happy just like a 'dog with a bone' to chew on.

What dry dog food contains lamb and rice?

Many dog food brands have a lamb and rice formula. Science Diet, Nutro, there are many.

What are rare dog breeds?

You can view some rare dog breeds in the related link.

Is the Kuvasz a rare breed of dog?

Yes, the Kuvasz is considered to be a rare breed of dog.

What does Australian slang 'dog and bone' mean?

The "dog and bone" is rhyming slang for "phone". Practical application: "Will ya shuddup, I'm on the dog and bone."

What does dog and bone mean in British?

Dog and bone is cockney rhyming slang for phone (telephone)

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