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Can a fat girl get a guy?

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"Fat Girls" get guys of all types everyday. My son prefers them.

-But it depends how fat. "Fat admirers" will almost always choose fat SOs, but even some average men may take a fat girl as an SO. But generally, yes.

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How can a fat girl get a boyfriend?

It doesn't matter, how "fat" a girl is. That shouldn't matter to a guy, & if it does the guy is not worth it. :) xo

What are the chances of a hot girl to like a fat guy?

the chances of a fat guy getting a hott girl is 100 percent. Well 99 percent if you want to know why ask can a fat guy get a girl and it will tell you why

Can a fat guy get a hot girl?


How does a fat ugly guy get a girl?

Show that you love her.

Would a guy rather date a slightly ugly girl or a slightly fat girl?

Depends on how hot the fat one is but if is I would take the fat one

Can a fat guy ever stand a chance hot girl?


How can a fat white guy get a black girl?

Truly yes.

Can a small guy get a fat girl pregnant?

Yes. It doesn't matter what weight you are, if a guy has sex with a girl she could get pregnant if the timing is right.

Is it ok to have a fat girl and a skinny guy together?

It shouldn't matter.

Would a girl like a tan fat guy or a pale muscular guy better?

pale muscular

How do you make a girl fall in love with a fat guy?

for any guy making her laugh is real good for starters.

How can a fat guy get a skinny girl?

He has to be rich or really cool or smart of something

How could a socially fat awkward ugly guy get a girlfriend?

by getting his type of girl .eg.the girl should also be a "socially fat awkward ugly lady"

What is the name of the movie in which a guy saw this fat girl as being slim?

Shallow Hal

How do you tell if a skinny guy likes a fat girl?

When the guy offers to bring the girl to KFC on a romantic date. no one like you. because you're fat. go cry and curl up in a ball with a bag of marshmallows. when they eat all the food they can find to be as fat as them when they eat all the food they can find to be as fat as them when they eat all the food they can find to be as fat as them when they eat all the food they can find to be as fat as them

How do you get a guy to like a really weird twin Fat twin?

Tell the Girl twin to put out. Fat Chicks always do more stuff

Would Justin Bieber go out with a fat girl?

no coz he would go out with a fatt guy

Who is the fat guy on LOST?

The fat guy in LOST is Hurley.

Who is the fat guy in hobbayne?

Mrs.Hancock is the fat guy in Hobbayne

What are the chanses a girl will say yes on a date with a fat boy?

The changes that a girl will say yes to a fat guy on a date depends on the average girl. If you are a nice person and you actually like the person you will say yes and not look at the weight.

Why does hot young guy flirt with older fat girl?

Does it matter that she's fat? Probably because he likes her personality, and anyways, itsn't that what matters?

Do fat girls have a chance with hot guys?

It all depends on the circumstances, e.g. personalities, money, and also on the definition of "fat girl," and "hot guy,".

Will a good looking girl date a fat guy?

it depends on if she is willing to see inner beauty and personality.

What is the climax for the woodshed mystery?

When the one guy sticks his fibger up that fat midget girl anus

What is the name of the fat guy in LOST?

The fat guy in LOST is Hurley.