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Yes a ferret can play in a bowl of water, in fact most like to splash around in the water. Just make sure to use a heavy crock or a flat bottom bowl to prevent it from tipping and also it helps to place on a mat or towel underneath the bowl to catch the spills.

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Q: Can a ferret play in a bowl of water?
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Where does a ferret find water?

in its water bowl

How much is a ferret bowl?

about 2 to 3 dollars for a ferret bowl

Why isn't your ferret drinking water?

If your offering your ferret from a water bottle, try offering water in a bowl (use a heavy crock or bowl to prevent spillage) they will drink more from a bowl anyway. Make sure the water bottle is not positioned too low, so that they do not have to lower their head. If your ferret isn't drinking at all, it may be due to an illness, seek the advice of a veterinarian

How much should a ferret drink?

Ferrets should have a constant supply of fresh water. How much a ferret drinks water can vary as their weight can be from 1 to 5 lbs. They will drink more water from a bowl, use a heavy crock to prevent your ferret tipping it over.

What does blackfooted ferret play?

my ferret, kooperton, who is a blackfooted ferret plays tag and hide and go seek, he also plays aattack the human, and pulls off my socks. Ferrets play a lot and play everything

What can a ferret drink?


Are ferrets allowed in water?

Ferret are allowed in water, in fact some ferrets like to play in the water. Make sure the water is shallow, as they tire easily if they have to swim.

Do ferrets like lots of water?

Ferrets need to have fresh water available at all times to have plenty to drink. Advice from another contributor: You don't need to worry about how much water you need to give them, just get a normal Ferret water bowl from a pet store and just fill that up and leave it up to them how much they'll/the ferret have/has of it. If you're asking this because you're Ferret is having lots more or less than a normal Ferret has of water then you should ask your doctor if anything's wrong in it's next check-up.

Which is better a ferret or a bird?

A ferret - you need to spend a lot of time playing with them and they love to play

What does it mean if a ferret wags their tail?

it means you have one very happy ferret. when my 3 play with me they always wag their tails when i play their games with them

Should you get a second ferret?

If you're almost never around or have time to play with your Ferret, then yes. If you have the time to play with your Ferret, you still might want to get another one so you can double the fun. I hope that this helped.

How long can a ferret be without water?

A ferret that is without water for 24 hours will stop eating and die within three days

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