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Can a finch and a parakeet live in the same cage?

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Can a spice finch and a parakeet live together in same cage?


Can a hamster and parakeet live in the same cage?

Erm, I wouldn't recommend it...

Can a parakeet and a budgie be in the same cage?

yes. They can mine were in the same cage. Parakeet is basically the word budgie.

Can you have a rare parakeet and a budgie in the same cage?

A budgie and a parakeet are the same thing.

Can you put a parakeet in the same cage as a parrot?

No. The parrot might kill the parakeet :(

Can you keep an Alexander parakeet in the same cage as a budgerigar?

No you can't the Alexander parakeet.

Can you have an English and American parakeet in the same cage?

YES, but only after the American parakeet beats the English parakeet in a revolution.

Why would a parakeet kill parakeet that are in the same cage?

If they are the same sex, they could be challenging each other during their mating seasons.

Can you have female parakeet with a male parakeet in the same cage together?

Well, this is possible, if you want to have baby parakeets. If you do, keep thing in the same cage and install a nesting box. If you do not want to have babies, I sugest geeting a cage for each keet.

Can you put canaries and parakeet in same cage?

NO! never do that. Trust me. BAD experience

Can you house a zebra finch and a red siskinin the same cage?


Is it any good putting another finch in the same cage while the another finch as been alone for two years?

Yes you can. I have done that.

What does it mean when one male zebra finch opens its mouth while eyeing a second male finch inside the same cage?

They luv eachutha!

Can you put a parakeet and a parrolett in the same cage?

Unless the birds were raised together you will have a dead parakeet or parrolett. Parroletts are VERY VERY territorial and unless raised together the parrolett will try to chase off or kill your parakeet.

Can you put a male scarlet chested parakeet and a female eastern rosella in the same cage and will they breed?

maybe not . . .I think

Can you put your cockatiel in the same cage as your parakeet?

Generally speaking - absolutely not - but there are always exceptions, though in this case they are vanishingly rare.

Will a baby rat be compatible with a parakeet and can they live together in the same cage?

since no one has answered you... I thought I would let you know my rat killed and ate my two gerbils. I let her out for a while and she found a way into the gerbil cage and she attacked them. ick. Another rat I had killed it's cage mate (rat).

Can rabbits live in the same cage as tortoise?

No, the only other animal a rabbit can live in the same cage with is a guinea pig and other rabbits.

Can you put a male and female parakeet in the same cage?

I just purchased a female Parakeet and a week later purchased a Male. Currently they are both in differetnt cages but I would like to know if I can put them together ?

What to give parakeet who is losing feathers on top of head suddenly?

If there are two or more in the same cage, one of the other birds is pulling them out.

Can hamsters live in the same cage as cockatiels?


Can parakeets and cockateels live in same cage?

As long as they have the proper cage size, yes

Can different breed bunnies live in the same cage?

They are physically able to live in the same cage however, some bunnies fight with others of a different breed.

Can you put two male parakeets in same cage?

I have no problem with my two male parakeets in the same cage. Peppy (a male) came to live with me first. I went to the pet store to buy a female parakeet, Tika......who turned out to be male as well. They just love each other and are great friends. Beware of a lot of preening going on however!

Is there any way you can put a parakeet with your 5 yr old female lovebird?

Yes, we had 2 lovebirds and a parakeet which were all in the same cage. They were all female and one of the lovebirds was the mediator between the other 2. The mediator lovebird passed away and the parakeet and other lovebird get along perfectly.

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