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Any time that fresh semen enters the vagina there is a chance that the woman may become pregnant.

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Q: Can a finger wet with semen make a girl pregnant if it penetrates the vagina?
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Can you get pregnant if you stick your finger in your vagina?

no, you can not get pregnant if you stick your finger in your vagina. Unless there is semen on it. then there would be a chance.

Can you get pregnant by fingering or playing with your vagina?

Only if there is semen on the finger, or around the vagina.

Can a guy put his finger in your vagina and get you pregnant?

No, he cant get you pregnant but if his semen gets in then yeah you can get pregnant from that

Can you get pregnant by putting your finger in your butt?

You cannot become pregnant unless semen/sperm comes in contact with your vagina.

Can lubrication on finger cause pregnancy?

If you have fresh semen on your finger and inserts it inside her vagina, yes then she can get pregnant.

Can a girls get pregnant by putting their own finger in their vagina?

Only if they have a drop of a man's (or boy's) semen on their finger.

Can you get pregnant from semen on a toilet seat?

No only unless you stick your finger in it and stick in in your vagina

Wipe semen on your finger when ovulating and put it inside your vagina can you get pregnant?

Yep Yep.

Could a girl get pregnant if a girl sticks a finger in her vagina?

no, but if smeared with semen, may be.

Can girl become pregnant if the sperm flowout from underwear and boy touch it from underwear and then he insert finger after 10 minutes in vagina of girl?

Yes. If he had semen on his finger he has also inserted semen into the vagina. There is a possibility of pregnancy.

If you had semen on your finger and touched your vagina is there a chance you can be pregnant even though you got your period the next day?

No, if you got your period the next day then you did not accidentally impregnate yourself with the semen on your finger.

I had my boyfriends semen on my finger and then my finger touched my vagina- hours after i had wiped his semen off though my period is 2weeks late could i be pregnant?

No you could not become pregnant-from semen on your finger because the only way you become pregnant is when the semen enters the body when the penis is inside the body in other words if the sperm cells hit the air before they enter the vagina the sperm cells instantly turn white and die. They are actually clear. so no he had to have his penis inside you and cum.

Where the semen was released into the female?

The semen is released into the vagina, while the egg is reaching the lining of the uterus, the sperm penetrates the egg.

Can a woman get pregnant if the guy put his hand then push his finger inside on the vagina?

No. Only if semen was involved...even then its not likely.

Can you get pregnant if seman was on the finger before it touched your vagina?

If the finger was not sanitized beforehand, yes absolutely. A drop or less of semen near the entrance to the vagina is potentially enough to get you pregnant. I recommend a pregnancy test, and that you learn a lot more than you know now if you want to have anything more to do with semen or vaginas that are not your own, or it could end in tears.

Can you be pregnant if the semen is not inserted in the vaginia?

No. Semen must enter the vagina for a woman to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from semen in the mouth?

You can't get pregnant from semen in the mouth. You can only get pregnant from sperm in the vagina.

If a finger containing single drop of semen enters the vagina of a virgin will she get pregnant?

There are tens of thousands of sperm in a single drop of semen, if the girl was to ovulate around the time of sexual contact yes she could become pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant from semen on her buttocks?

If the semen was on your buttocks then you can't get pregnant. If the semen was VERY near your vagina then there is a slight chance you could get pregnant.

Can a women get pregnant if she swallow semen?

No. To fall pregnant the semen must enter a woman's vagina.

Can you get pregnant because of semen outside the vagina or without direct contact of semen with vagina?

if sperm came into contact with the vagina then yes

Can a girl get pregnant when boy has just broken hymen but not enter in deep?

A girl gets pregnant by having semen in her vagina. Breaking the hymen can be done by just your fingers, and can a finger really get you pregnant?(;

If you pull out then wipe off the semen and put it back in the vagina can you get pregnant?

Yes. A woman can get pregnant from pre-ejaculate, plus you had to have released some semen in the vagina in order to have semen on the penis when you pull out.

Can A girl get pregnant from outercourse?

Semen has to be inside the vagina for you to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant for putting your fingers in your vagina?

Only if your fingers happen to have semen. To get pregnant, you need to get semen into your body.