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Q: Can a frayed electrical cord start fire?
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Can a iron start a home fire?

absolutely, with a frayed cord or an electrical short in the wire

Is it safe to leave my mobile charging at home for a week while I'm on vacation?

It is very risky, if you have an old phone or if you have a frayed cord, because it can start a fire. But you should be fine.

Can fires start from heating pads?

Yes, ANY electrical item can catch fire if the cord or internal wires are damaged.

What can happen if the insulation on an electrical cord or plug is cracked or broken?

I am not an electric expert, but I do know that it can short out and may start a fire.

Why is it unsafe for appliances to have frayed wires?

It may start a fire or electrocute someone

Why shouldn't you run a cord under a rug?

It creates a fire hazard, and also keeps the cord unseen, meaning there's no way to visually inspect and see if it becomes frayed.

How might an electrical fire start?

it can get shocked

What electrical device protects home from electrical fire?

The device that protects the home from the start of an electrical fire is an electrical breaker or in some older homes a fuse system.

Investigating Electrical Issues in the Home?

The most common cause of a home catching on fire is electrical issues. Faulty wiring, frayed wires, and improper electric routing are all issues that can arise in a home. This is especially true if you live in an older home that was built before the 1970's. If you have experienced flickering lights, observed open or frayed wiring, or experienced other electrical issues, it is imperative that you talk to an electrical contractor in your area right away. Electrical contractors can thoroughly investigate the wiring of your home and ensure that there are no safety violations or fire hazards apparent.

Sometimes earthquakes cause fire How?

it can cause a fire if a house get knocked down and the electrical break a fire can start

How do earthquake sometimes cause fire?

it can cause a fire if a house get knocked down and the electrical break a fire can start

What causes an electrical fire in an automobile?

An electrical fire in an automobile is usually caused by a short circuit. For example, If there are exposed wires somewhere, touching metal, that could start a fire.

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