Can a full time employee be classified as part time due to lost time while on workers compensation?

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You need to check with your state on that one. Start with your local DOL office and see what they say about it. The DOL (Department of Labor) Office is one who write the rules in each state which governs full time and part time as well as workmans comp. Myself I was on workmans comp for 1 hour 2x a week for a month and my boss didnt say a word. Then again I was only leaving 30 minutes early each day.
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Can an employee be classified as full-time and part-time?

Yes, they can and they can also be classified as temporary and probationary . Answer Part time vs full time status varies in different jurisdictions and can be affected

Do part time employee get vaction time?

If you mean vacation, then what part- or full-time employees get is entirely up to the employer. No law requires paid time off. Vacation, like paid sick leave, is an unregulat
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