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It is not likely, but possible.


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Only if your fingers happen to have semen. To get pregnant, you need to get semen into your body.

If he positively had no semen on his hands while fingering you there is no way you could get pregnant...

Once the semen dries out, the sperm are usually dead. so its highly unlikley

A penis is the only place where semen (that contains sperm) comes out. Fingers are not penises; fingers cannot produce or ejaculate semen. Therefore, no, fingering does not get a girl pregnant.

well it depend on how much semen is on the males fingers. but i think not... 3 quarters of the semen while entering the females body during sex is killed by the females defence cells. so it is most unlikely for her to get pregnant from him fingering her with semen on his hand.

Well first of all, you should have washed your hands. Second of all, I do not think so. When it's dry, usually that means it's a sure sign the sperm is dead. NO, once semen has dried it cannot make you pregnant.

It's irrelevant how the semen end up inside you, if it's fresh and alive it can get you pregnant.

Only if he sticks his fingers inside you.

Yes you can, absolutely. If you have semen(not like 5 minutes old, but fresh semen) and rub it on the vaginal area, even through pants, then you can get pregnant. You can even get pregnant from dry humping if you both cum.

It is not likely that the girl will get pregnant if the guy washed his hands before he fingered the girl. IF you clean all the semen off, then you will probably be okay.

No, once sperm has touched the outside air for one reason or another, it generally dies. There is little chance of getting pregnant. You probably don't even need the antibacterical soap, just regular soap will do fine.

To get pregnant you need a male sperm getting into the vagina. If there was semen on the hands, but the hands have been washed, then any sperm is gone. You can't get pregnant by fingering yourself. You have to have a male sperm.

No, she would not get pregnant. For that to happen, she would have to be ovulating, and he would have to have semen on his finger.

no she couldn't be pregnant as the sperm would have died anyway, as it was in the air... sperm does not die just because it hits air...however if he wiped it all off and his fingers were dry i would say its not a possibility...but if a guy jerks off and has semen on him and then inserts it into can become pregnant...the semen does not just die in the air...if it did in vitro would never work because the mans sperm would die as soon as it landed in the cup

no unless you have fresh semen of a man on your hand, from giving a handjob for example.

No you can not get pregnant by swallowing your semen.

Yes it is possible to get pregnant this way unless the hand is properly cleaned.

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