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This one will have to go through a court of law and your parents (if they want custody of this baby) will have to fight your boyfriend for these rights. If the court sees that your boyfriend is too young, not dependable to raise this child then yes, your parents could very well end up with the custody of your baby. It's time you sat down and talked to your parents to be sure they want this great responsibility. If this young man is a nice guy then I would let him at least have some time with his child.

Depending upon circumstances the court could award temporary custody to the birth mother's parents. However, the biological father and his parents would also be granted the opportunity to petition for custodial rights. It is generally accepted that an unmarried mother has automatic and full custodial rights of the child until those rights are challenged. Regardless of who retained custody, the biological father would be granted visitation rights if he so wished. The mother or the mother's parents would not have the option to withold such privileges.

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Q: Can a girl give custody of her baby to her parents if the father wants custody?
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Can a 16 year old girl who had a baby give the babys father sole custody?

If she wants to.

Do the parents of a fifteen year old have the right to gain custody of her unborn baby?

The mother already has sole custody. The father has not rights. see link

A boy that is 18 and still lives with his parents get custody of a child if the 18 year old girlfriend wants to put baby up for adoption?

Father would have to consent to the adoption. Definitely worth petitioning for custody if you feel that you and your family can care for the child.

If a teen age girl of 17 is pregnant and the father of the child is 18 can the fathers parents take the baby form the mother?

If you live in the US... The father's parents have no rights to custody at all. The father has the right to petition for custody, but he won't be given sole custody unless he can prove the mother unfit. He might, however, be given joint custody.

Does the father have rights to weither you keep the baby or not?

Until the baby is born he has no rights. His paternal rights starts after birth. If he then wants custody and you don't he has to go to court.

If you are American and have your baby in Canada with your baby's father who is Canadian can you take the baby back to the US with no problems?

babybecause you are American the baby will have dual citizenship, you shouldn't have a problem unless the father wants custody or visitation rights etc, while he is in Canada

Does parents of a unmarried underage girl have automatic custody of the baby?

biological mother has sole automatic custody of baby

If underage mother wants to put baby up for adoption but 18-year-old father wants custody and girls parents are threatening to file charges against boy if he tries to gain custody isn't that blackmail?

It's going to be a catch 22, you have a right to the child, but you could be charged with stat. rape, best to seek a lawyer.

Can a teenaged father get full custody of baby before its born after its born?

if you can prove she is an unfit mother and you have the income to support a child but even then if she is under 18 i think her parents could get custody

Can the father of my baby make me change the baby's last name to his?

It depends on who has custody of the child. If you have complete custody then you do not legally have to change it.

Do you have to give custody to the father of your baby?

Only if there is a court order.

If you are underage and pregnant and no longer with the baby's father who gets sole custody?

I believe that the mother should get custody and she gives the father a schedule to be on.

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