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Can a guinea pig get too cold and die?


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YES, during cold months a guinea pig can freeze to death at night.

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Lukewarm. Not too warm, but not cold. ex: Bathing a guinea pig in the same temp as you bathe a dog is too hot.

yes but only in the summer as if the guinea pig gets too cold i the winter it will die and by the way you will need a huch not a cage as a cage will get too much wind as it has no private bit or shelter and your guinea pig will get wet !

no but if they are too wet through out their coats then they may catch a cold and then die that way!

it is never good to make your guinea pig live outside. in summer they get too hot and die and in winter they get too cold and die . if you have an outdoor guinea pig you need to take it inside before it's to late!

The guinea pig is either too fat or lazy, but if your guinea pig is too fat I'm afraid it might die :(

During cold winter nights, it is best to keep your guinea pig inside, and any other time when you believe it is too cold

No,it is too much acidic.So,they are bad for Guinea pig.

guinea pigs have a very sensitive tempreature range, its cant be too hot because of their fur, and it cant be too cold. the safe range for a guinea pig is 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. longer haired guinea pigs about 50- 71 degrees Fahrenheit. now, if your guinea pig for some reason has no fur, keep the temperature at 55-78 degrees.

As long as the guinea pig has food and water, and is protected from domestic dogs and cats (which can attack a guinea pig), it is fine to leave it for several days. If you plan a holiday, all you need to do is leave instructions with a trusted neighbour for feeding and changing your guinea pig's water. Make sure your guinea pig is well sheltered, and won't get either too hot or too cold during the day.

You can't see lice on a guinea pig, they are too small.

I have the same type of Guinea Pig. She too has a Mohawk. There are called Abyssinian Guinea Pigs.

Usually too find out if your guinea pig has a kidney infection you see your doctor and he will give you medications and you should keep them on a healthy die (no brocily)

No! Guinea pigs should never be too cold. They are from South America, so they aren't made for our climate. Because of this they can catch colds. A cold to them is like pneumonia for us. They could die from a cold. If you were going on a trip, I would suggest leaving your guinea pigs with a friend or neighbor unless it is only for 1,2, or even 3 days. But make sure you feed them before you leave. Make sure, that if you can, cover the guinea pigs' cage with a blanket at night. This will help a little bit to help keep in heat. Even if your guinea pig is long haired, they are still as vulnerable to colds. This is safety for your guinea pig. Hope this helps.

It probably ate too much so it got sick or it is just sick with a cold.

carrots and greens. but not too much or the Guinea pig will get sick.

Anything that contains too much sugar is bad for Guinea pig.

I would NOT recommend this! guinea pigs when sick often stop eating and drinking. this is cause in the wild there is no medicine and they will die quicker that way. take your guinea pig to the vet immediatly so he/she can start feeling better. If you really can NOT do so then make sure your guinea pig has plenty of food, water and warmth, they should not be too warm however, good luck!

Well, keeping your guinea pig healthy in the winter all depends on why it might be UN-healthy.One reason would be the cold. Guinea pigs get too cold or too hot VERY easily. you will need to keep them in a warm room and away from windows or doors to outside. If you have cold air coming out of the vents, keep them away from those too. Be careful about the air your guinea pig is breathing they can easily get respiratory problems and start sneezing or coughing(or both).The other reasons your guinea pig might not be healthy do not have to do with winter it could be loneliness (play with them every day), sickness (they could just have a bug), hygiene (bathe them and clean their cage), stress (provide more hides and/or remove the dominant animal), or many other things. Only your guinea pig really knows.Hope This Helps,A Guinea Pig Lover

Oh my God you know what harmful stuff could be in there that can make him sick or possibly kill him? And in the winter it'll get too cold for the little critter, and in the summer too hot. So don't ever put your Guinea pig in the garage!!

You are actually supposed to brush your guinea pig's hair to keep it from getting matted. The guinea pig usually enjoys it, too!

YES! Cavies (Guinea Pigs) are at risk to heat related illness and heatstroke like problems like many other small animals and need to be protected from direct sunlight.Generally, what is comfy for you is comfy for your Guinea Pig, but direct sunlight is harder for them to deal with.(From GuineaPigCages.comThe room should have a stable temperature range of 65 to 75 degrees F (18 to 24 degrees C). 85 degrees and over and your guinea pig is likely to die from heat stroke. 85 plus degrees is typical in garages in the summertime. If you are comfortable, your guinea pig will be comfortable. If it's too hot or cold for you, it's too hot or cold for them.

No you cannot , They splinter and break far too easily and your guinea pig could get hurt from it.

NO! fleas suck the blood from the guinea pig and cause pain!they carry many diseases too.

Yes. They cannot have to cold or hot. Their temperatures are, 65-72. Sometimes we keep it at 78, and I have a guinea pig too. And she does just fine with 78. Just remember the size of your house matters.

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