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Oh my God you know what harmful stuff could be in there that can make him sick or possibly kill him? And in the winter it'll get too cold for the little critter, and in the summer too hot. So don't ever put your Guinea pig in the garage!!

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It depends on you if you want to let your guinea pig fun free but shut every door so it wouldn't run off

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Q: Could you leave a guinea pig in your garage?
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Could you leave a guinea pig on grass that a dog urined?

most animals leave places where a animal has urinated alone, however urine contains traces of toxins and if your guinea pig eats it it could become ill.

When mom guinea pig gives birth to the boys should you take them out?

No, leave them with the mum guinea pig, she'll look after them. If you take them out too soon it could be distressing for the mother pig.

What happend if you drop a guinea pig?

the guinea pig could be injured or the fall could have killed it.

Is it bad for your cats health if you get a guinea pig?

The guinea pig will not give the cats diseases if you make them friends or leave them seperated.

What could a guinea pig be attacked by?

a guinea pig can be attacked by anything that is bigger then them!! Be careful!

Is it OK to leave guinea pigs in the forest?

No. Do not under any circumstances leave your domestic guinea pig unattended.

How do you cure a guinea pig when it is very sad?

If you only have one guinea pig get him/her another guinea pig friend of the same gender. It could be lonely.

If one guinea pig is sick in cage are the rest sick?

not necessarily; if you leave one guinea pig in the cage with the sick guinea pig, the guinea pig that is not sick can get sick; you should separate them just to be safe but if the guinea pigs start to get lonely, put them back together

Can guinea pigs sleep in a grage?

Never keep a guinea pig in a garage because car fumes, no matter how little will make it ill. Anyway, how would you like to sleep in the garage?

Can a guinea pig live outside in the frost?

No, do not leave them in the frost! They will die if you do.

Can your guinea pig die from mites?

If you leave it long enough, yes. :(

Will guinea pigs get along with ferrets?

This depends on the personality of the guinea pig and the ferret, they could but they could not.