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Yeah, no problem with having a little crush. But trying to make a move or stealing him away would give you a bad reputation and could backfire. Yes, he might have feelings for you but if he really likes you more then her then he'll break up with her. I hardly doubt that this will happen solely based upon how guys are-they want to eat their cake and have it too.If you know what I mean.

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Q: Can a guy like you even though he has a girlfriend already?
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Can he like you even though he has a girlfriend?

Yes he can like who ever he wants but he really likes his girlfriend.

Can a boy still like you even though they have a girlfriend?


Does he like me even though he has a girlfriend?

I mean it is possible,but if you think he really loves his girlfriend then probably not. It truly depends on how strong his relationship with his girlfriend is.

How do you tell if a guy you like likes you even though he has a girlfriend?

ask him

What does it mean when a guy puts his arm around your waist even though he already has a girlfriend?

Maybe he likes you! If you really like him you gotta act confident! Show him that you are way better then his girlfriend! It probably means that he likes you. Except him breaking up with his girlfriend soon!

What do you do when the person you like has a girlfriend?

If you really like them but they are in a relationship they are happy with then you should respect that even though its so hard.

Selena Gomez's crushes?

she has a crush on shia labeouf! even though he has a girlfriend i still like him!

How do you talk and be friendly with your girlfriend's mom even though you dont like her mom?

Just be friendly.

What if you really like a guy should you kiss him even though he has a girlfriend?

of course why wouldn't youu

Why girs and boys are attracted to each other even though they have girlfriend or boyfriend?

Because of the hormones racing around in our bodies. The sexual attraction for your preferred sex (and race) do not just stop searching for potential mates even though you already have one. It is natural to like other people even though you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. It is all a part of growing up and of being a human being. Don't be upset or worried if you feel an attraction for the opposite sex even when you are with somebody.

How do you get your crush to like you even though he has a girlfriend?

You really shouldn't do that. If he has a girlfriend and he would just easily leave her for you if he started to like you, then how do you know he wouldn't turn around and do the exact same thing to you?

Can your guy friend like you even though he has a girlfriend?

Yip as long as he likes u as a friend and not as his 'bit on the side' :/

How do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend if you barly c her?

I'm a girl and I would like if a boy says: I really like you and even though we don't see each other a lot would you be my girlfriend

Justin Bieber i don't has to be your girlfriend but i do like you but you already has a girlfriend?

No Justin Bieber does not have a girlfriend. He is totally single.

Does Cody Simpson have bad luck in relationships?

No.He already had a girlfriend in Austriallia,THOUGH Kyle and Kendal Jenner both like Cody Simpson.He hasn`t had a girlfriend yet in America.

He used to like me even though he had a girlfriend Does he like me now even though he still has a girlfriend We don't talk at school either?

This is very typical. The guy you like probably still likes you, this has happened to me before. The guy you like has a girlfriend, yet he still has feelings for you. You see boys are very good at holding in their emotions and acting like they don't care. And he may not want to talk to you because he really likes you and is scared that the conversation will turn out awkward.

How do you tell a guy you've liked since third grade you like him even if he already has a girlfriend?

you do not!! he has a girlfriend! if you do tell him he'll probably think it is cheap or something! wait till he is single!

Why does it really hurt knowing that your ex girlfriend is dating someone even though you started a new relationship shortly after she dumped you?

you still like her

Is your crush still a crush even though it is already 6 years?

If you still like them its a crush but if you don't it isn't

How do you get a boy to like you even if he has a girlfriend?

Don't. Simple as that. If he has a girlfriend, he's already made a commitment and like it or not he's with her. You don't want to be a home wrecker. Trust me. Go look for someone else and you'll be happier in the long run.

Can a guy like you even if he has a girlfriend?

It depends on how much he likes his girlfriend. The guy can not like his girlfriend at all, thus he will like another girl.

How do you get your true love to like you if he already has a girlfriend?

if he has a girlfriend maybe he isn't your true love.....think about it

Why would a bpd ex girlfriend hang on to your clothes even though you asked for them back?

to make it look like she still had a boyfriend

Can guys get jealous about their girlfriend talking to their ex even if she insists that she doesn't like him?

AnswerCertainly. If she does like her ex then she wouldn't admit it. My girlfriend never talks to her ex, but I get nervous when I see her with other guys even though it's really irrational and she doesn't like any of them.

Could he like you even though he has a girlfriend?

Anyone can like even if he or she has a gilfriend or boyfriend as long as they have feelings for you. Yes you can like another person despite having a girlfriend, you can have a crush on another girl whilst you love another, its just natural and you can't help your self but you would be awful.#boy snatcher.........