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Of course they can but usually it'll only happen while she's still in heat sometimes males will try but if they aren't careful they could get tied in knots.

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Can a hamster get pregnant naturally?

No, a hamster needs a mate to become pregnant.

Do you have to have a boy hamster and a girl hamster to be able to mate?

to get the female hamster pregnant you have to have a male

Does a hamster have to mate to be pregnant?

Yes, they are not asexual.

Can a male hamster still try to mate with a pregnant hamster?

no, but you must take the male hamster away from the female hamster

How can female hamster get pregnant without a mate?

hamsters require sexual intercourse to become pregnant, this requires a male/mate.

Does a female hambster have to mate with a male to get pregnant?

Yes. A female hamster cannot become pregnant unless it mates with a male hamster.

How many times hamster need to mate to be pregnant?

Just once

How can your hamster get pregnant without a mate?

No, hamsters are incapable of parthenogenic reproduction.

My male and female hamster mated is it for sure that the female hamster is pregnant?

No, it will often take them a couple more times to mate before she becomes pregnant.

Does dwarf hamster mate even if they are pregnant?

No, they only mate when the female is on heat. Since she is pregnant the male won't smell that she is available for mating and he'll leave her alone.

What does a male Hamster do when the female Hamster is pregnant?

well usually when you have a pregnant hamster housed with a male hamster, the female will fight him visously until death. However once her babies are born, the male will eat them! So after you mate them, separate the 2 immediatly.

How can a hamster get pregnant?

A female hamster can get pregnant if it mates with a male hamster.

Can a female hamster mate with a female hamster?


If you let your male hamster mate with a female hamster on average how many pups will she have?

Well, they could have up to 3 to 16 pups. I had my hamster for a week and it had 16 babies, so if you know your hamster is pregnant be prepared for a little babies and a lot of babies. If you don't know how to tell if she is pregnant look for nipples on her stomach.

Can a female hamster mate with a male hamster?


Can a female hamster mate with another female hamster?


Can a male dwarf hamster and a female teddy bear hamster mate?

No they can not only Dwarf hamsters can mate Dwarf hamsters Only Teddy bears can mate Rex hamster or teddy bear hamster or Regular hamsters.

If you have one hamster how do you know if your hamster is pregnant?

If its male, it isn't pregnant! If your female hamster has never been in contact with a male hamster, it is impossible for it to become pregnant.

Are hamster dad use leas?

ya...? sure is it...coz if ur hamster has mate with the female hamster will not mate anymore..i mean when baby was born will not mate anymore...bcoz male hamster tyhink that ios the female ehamster born with other male hamster

How does hamster get pregnant?

first of all, you need a male and a female. a hamster comes into season every four days, so the only way to make sure they mate, you need to put them together for around ten minutes each night. if the female attacks the male, then she is not ready to mate. if you repeat this for four days, then you can be sure they have had the chance to mate, and be sure the female is pregnant. the female may not be pregnant, but this is very unusual. if you are unsure, then wait 18 days, as this is the average time the female is pregnant for till she gives birth. if she doesn't give birth, then mate her again.

Will a female hamster mate if she is already pregnant?

No, she won't. After a hamster gets pregnant she does all she can to chase and scare away males, preparing for impending pups. She gets extremely aggressive right after her pups are born, so be careful no to put any males near her, and watch your own hand as well; she may see it as a threat. If a pregnant female hamster was to mate while the pregnancy, it is likely that the unborn babies will be either damaged or even dead when born.

What is the gender of a pregnant hamster?

A pregnant hamster, by definition, must be female.

How do you make a hamster pergnant?

You get a hamster of the opposite sex to mate with it.

Can a dwarf hamster mate with a fancy dwarf hamster?

yeah of course they can hamsters can mate with all different hamsters

How do you made my hamster happy?

you can carry them and play with it or you can buy another hamster as a mate for your hamster.