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Of course they can but usually it'll only happen while she's still in heat sometimes males will try but if they aren't careful they could get tied in knots.

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Q: Can a hamster mate when pregnant?
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Can a hamster get pregnant naturally?

No, a hamster needs a mate to become pregnant.

Does a hamster have to mate to be pregnant?

Yes, they are not asexual.

Do you have to have a boy hamster and a girl hamster to be able to mate?

to get the female hamster pregnant you have to have a male

Can a male hamster still try to mate with a pregnant hamster?

no, but you must take the male hamster away from the female hamster

How can female hamster get pregnant without a mate?

hamsters require sexual intercourse to become pregnant, this requires a male/mate.

Does a female hambster have to mate with a male to get pregnant?

Yes. A female hamster cannot become pregnant unless it mates with a male hamster.

How can your hamster get pregnant without a mate?

No, hamsters are incapable of parthenogenic reproduction.

How many times hamster need to mate to be pregnant?

Just once

My male and female hamster mated is it for sure that the female hamster is pregnant?

No, it will often take them a couple more times to mate before she becomes pregnant.

Does dwarf hamster mate even if they are pregnant?

No, they only mate when the female is on heat. Since she is pregnant the male won't smell that she is available for mating and he'll leave her alone.

What does a male Hamster do when the female Hamster is pregnant?

well usually when you have a pregnant hamster housed with a male hamster, the female will fight him visously until death. However once her babies are born, the male will eat them! So after you mate them, separate the 2 immediatly.

Can a female hamster mate with a female hamster?


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