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Can a hermit crab live with fish?


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if it is a land hermit crab then no,

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They cannot live with a land hermit crab because land hermit crabs live out of water so the fish would die (as you know) if it is out of water.

it depends how big the hermit crab is or the fish bowl

NO. definitly not. its probably illegal, and you might get a marine hermit crab that needs a salt water fish tank to live in.

it depends on the hermit crab. it might eat the fish, and its up to you to take the risk and see

No. It is a crustacean. Also known as a crab.

Hermit Crab Food...From The Store... Don't listen to him... listen to me a hermit crab eats bug or small fish but I'm not sure

No! Hermit crabs should never live in cages! Instead, try a 20 gallon fish tank because it will keep the humidity up.

A hermit crab has died if you smell dead fish and you didnt feed them sea food.

Hermit Crabs live in sea water. Guppies are freshwater fish and will not be able to live in with hermit crabs. The crabs would no doubt eat whatever dead fish you give them.

A crab that lives in the shells of other shell fish is called a hermit crab.

fIsh sharks and cattlefiss

They will actually eat gold fish flakes. You just have to make sure that is doesn't have an preservation's in it. Other than that, you can certainly feed your hermit crab fish flakes. Fish flakes can benefit the fish color wise, and has the same effect in brightening the color of your hermit crab.

If you smell dead fish, and you didnt put sea food in the tank than yes. Another way you can tell if a hermit crab if dead is by the claw of the hermit crab to be limp.

A Hermit crab can live up to 100 years of age

Yes they do! The hermit crab needs water but not to live in.

Neither. Hermit crabs and all other crabs are crustaceans.

sharks and other bigger fish

Hermit Crabs can live 10+ years with the proper care.

They live on the beach and in the water.

The land hermit crab has a big claw and a small claw. The ocean hermit crab's claw's are the same size.

Well as far as I know a hermit crab kept as a pet can live as long as 30 years. A hermit crab in the wild can live as long as 50 years.

A hermit crab lives in saltwater or brackish water near the shoreline. Hermit crabs can also be kept as pets and live well in special tanks.There are several sub-species of the Hermit Crab (more akin to the lobster family) and they can be found in every ocean.

NO! The box turtle would seriously hurt or kill the hermit crab.

No, they live together in large groups of even hundreds searching for food.

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