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Yes, if you have a laptop, this us usually done with a PCMCIA card (cardbus) or in a common desktop with a PCI USB2.0 card.

See the related link below for more info about USB1.1 and USB2.0

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What is a fast reacting Computer Game Controller?

The xbox 360 controller once installed reacts very quickly on the pc.

What is a special device that is installed in your computer and allows is to communicate with other devices on the network?

NIC (Network Interface Controller)

Where on a computer do I install a SM Bus Controller?

The SM Bus Controller, or System Management Bus, is installed on the motherboard. It was developed by Intel. It varies on the specific place according to the motherboard.

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How do you use Xbox 360 controller on PC?

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Hardly any games let you use a controller that are made for the computer, whether or not you can play against people playing the 360. If there's no option in the settings of the game to use a controller on the computer game, then you can't.

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Why do the computer restart after 5 minute when the windows is installed?

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You can't use a playstation controller on a computer.

Who controls the computer hardware?

The one that controls the computer hardware are the softwares installed in the computer, as well as the installed drivers of a particular hardware such as the monitor.

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In network first server has been install is call domain controller server.. If you wan t to check server is domain controller or, backup domain controller. you can check Run -> cmd -> net accounts If computer role will show PRIMARY it means your domain is PRIYMARY domain controller, if it will be show BACKUP, means you can assume my domain installed in my network is ADC (Additional Domain Controller) Hope you will get benefit.. Regards, Ranjeet karak New Delhi

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You have yellow question mark beside pci device pci simple communications controller sm bus controller video cotroller and other pci bridge device how do you clear them with out a internet connection?

You will need to find the CD that came with the computer that contains the hardware drivers. These arrows indicate that the hardware is installed in your computer case, but there are no files to tell it where they are or how to use them.

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