Can a horse eat too many apples?

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Some horses with certain medical conditions cannot tolerate apples at all. Others enjoy them daily. Below are some things to consider when thinking about feeding apples to horses:

  • Apples can give them a bad tummy ache and flatulence (gas). This is called Colic and is often fatal. 1 - 2 apples per day is usually okay. Too much of anything is good for nothing.
  • If horses eat too many apples they can get diarrhea, which to some extent they can die, so just watch how many you feed them, 1 - 2 apples per day is plenty.
  • If too many apples are eaten the horse may founder and has the possibility of dying in a severe case. If this happens call your vet immediately.
  • The acid can also do damage to their teeth
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Q: Can a horse eat too many apples?
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Can a miniature horse eat too many apples?

any horse can eat too many apples small or large if they do they will get really sick or they will get colic

When a horse eats too many apples does it get diarrhea?

yes they do. especially when they eat too many osage oranges. :]] My horse ate 29 apples, (not all were ripe) she had diarrea for 5 days

What does a thoroughbred eat?

hay apples(not too many) carrots(not too many) horse treats(not too many) oats(or any other feed you give them!)

Can a horse eat apples?

Horses love to eat apples! It'd be better if you don't feed them too much, though.

What do you need to feed your horse?

hay carrots(not too many) apples(not too many) horse treats(not too many) and if you need to oats or something!

What horse food humans can eat?

Oats and apples for two. humans can eat anything that can fit in your throat. so anything a horse can eat i suppose we can eat too.

Can gienea pigs eat apples?

yes guinea pigs can eat apples but not too many

What happens if you feed to many apples to horses?

Most horses can eat a lot of apples and will not overeat at one feeding. A known case of a horse getting sick from overeating apples is not known. Minor, but it should be "too" many.

What do hores eat?

horses can eat apples, sugar, carrots, and grass, but dont feed your horse sugar TOO often

Can you eat too many apples?

Yes. Too much of ANYTHING is bad for you.

Can too many apples cause diarrhea in toddlers?

Too many apples could cause diarrhea in toddlers. You would have to eat a lot of apples to cause the diarrhea.

Can crab apples make you sick?

If you eat too many.

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