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Can a hurricane push a tidal wave?

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It doesn't push a tidal wave (a misleading name for a tsunami), but
it does push a storm surge. The leading quadrant (typically the
northeast in North America) pushes the water ahead of it, leading
to higher than normal tides.

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Was New Orleans hit by a tidal wave?

No. Hurricane Katrina is what flooded the city.

What is another name for tidal wave?

there is no other name for a tidal wave, just tidal wave

Is a tidal wave a mechanical wave?

A tidal wave is a water wave so it is a mechanical wave.

What starts a tidal wave?

The tidal wave starts by the moon

What is catastrophic disturbance?

A catastrophic disturbance is a disturbance that can cause a catastrophe such as a volcanic eruption, earth quake, hurricane or tidal wave.

How does a tidal wave start?

tidal wave starts by pressure in the oceans floor

Can a tidal wave kill you?

There is a 97% chance that you could get killed by a tidal wave.

What is an other name for tidal wave?

Another name for tidal wave is Tsunami.

When was Tanganyika Tidal Wave created?

Tanganyika Tidal Wave was created in 1989.

What name is given to a tidal wave?

Tsunami is the name given to a tidal wave.

Is a tsunami a tidal wave?

The term tidal wave is often used to mean a tsunami. However, the term "tidal wave" has fallen out of favor because tsunamis have nothing to do with tides. The term tidal wave may also refer to a tidal bore, which is a wave that forms in some locations when the tide is rising.

How do you stop a tidal wave?

A tidal Wall

How tall is a tidal wave?

a tidal wave can vary, but is aprox. 25m the biggest is 524m

Is a tsumani a tidal wave?

Yes, a tsunami is a humongous tidal wave that has tremendous power.

Where does tidal wave energy come from?

Tidal Wave energy comes from the tides of the moon.

When was Tidal Wave of Blood created?

Tidal Wave of Blood was created in 2010-11.

What is the another name for tidal wave?

Tsunami is the commonly used name for a tidal wave.

What is a word for a high tidal wave?

tidal surge

What is the corret name for a tidal wave?

tidal bore

What is a tidal wave caused by an underwater earthquake?

a tsunami is a tidal wave caused by an underwater earthquake :]

What is the wavelength of tidal wave?

tidal wave length is 16ft-32ft above the sea level.

How do you spell title wave?

tidal wave

What is the name of a large wave?

A tidal wave? A Tsunami?

A wave that forms a large curl?

tidal wave!

What is a sea wave after a underwater earthquakee?

Tidal wave