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Yes, Texas is a community property state therefore all joint marital accounts can be garnished regardless of which spouse incurred the debt. Accounts held by persons not married, places the burden of proof as to the percentage of funds belonging to non-debtor account holder and would therefore be exempt from judgment levy.

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Q: Can a joint account in Texas be garnished even if all the funds came from direct deposit wages?
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Can wages be garnished if you live in Texas?

No Texas does not allow wages to be garnished, however the person or company can get a judgment against you and take the money from your bank account.

Can your wages be garnished if you voluntarily repo your car in Texas?

YES No, wages can not be garnished in Tx except for the IRS, Student Loans, & Child Support.....They can however garnish a bank account if they get a judgment against you in court.

Can a person's wages or bank account be garnished for credit card debt in Texas?

Texas allows bank account levy by a creditor judgment. Wage garnishment is only allowed if the creditor does not have any other means of executing the judgment.

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Can debtors garnished bank accounts of disabled in Texas?


Can you have your wages garnished in Texas to pay a reposession off?


What is the Bank of America routing number for Texas?

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Can a wages be garnished in Texas for a SBA loan?

The state of Texas does allow for the garnishment of wages other than child support and school loans. Tax returns and other federal monies can be garnished.

Does Texas have bottle deposit?


Can you be sued in Texas and have your wages garnished?

Hi there. I am a Texas collection attorney. You can have your wages garnished in Texas ONLY for child or spousal support. That's what the Texas Constitution says. So if you are not being sued for child or spousal support, your wages cannot be garnished to satisfy a judgment. Hope this helps. Good luck. Although Texas does have a statute that prevents wage garnishment by a judgment creditor there is an exception if no other method is available for the creditor to execute said judgment. This means that if the judgment debtor does not have personal or real property (bank account, real estate, etc.) that can be attached or liquidated to satisfy the judgment amount wage garnishment is possible.

In Texas can your bank account be garnished?

I am a layman, but due to a lawsuit i had filed, my lawyer informed me that in Texas, you cannot garnish someones wages, but you CAN garnish where they put their money, such as bank accounts, etc. I am in the process of researching how to determine what bank accounts they have and what the procedure is, but the answer is yes.

Can you garnish commissions in Texas since they are not considered wages?

can my disabilty be garnished for past due phone bill can my disabilty be garnished for past due phone bill

Does the state of Texas allow garnishment of wages for a repossessed house?

No In Texas your wages can be garnished by the IRS or Child Support only

What is the maximim child support that can be garnished from wages for 3 children in the state of Texas?


Can they garnish wages in Texas?

Texas only allows wage garnishment if the debt cannot be collected by other means (bank account levy, seizure and sale of nonexempt property, lien against real property). Wages can be garnished when the matter is one of child support.

Does the state of Texas garnish wages for credit card debts?

No the state of Texas prohibits garnishment by creditors. Only if there are no other means of executing the judgment order. For example the levy of a bank account.Additional: Texas appears to be one of four states in the US that does not allow wages to be garnished.See below link:

Can wages be garnished for a repossession in Texas?

Texas law only allows wage garnishment when the judgment creditor does not have other means for collecting the debt owed. If the debtor has a bank account or non exempt property that can be levied, seized or a lien placed by a judgment, wage garnishment is not allowed.

Where is Texas Direct Auto located?

Texas Direct Auto is located at 12053 Southwest Freeway in Stafford, Texas 77477. More information about Texas Direct Auto can be found at the company's official website.

Can state take student loan to pay back child support?

Yes and no. All moneys sent to your college will be used by the college first. If the college issues you back a refund check, then that's considered income if you deposit it into a garnished bank account. There is an easy remedy to all of this: Set-up a payement plan with the state to satisfy your child support. Matt Houston, Texas Lawyer.

When your home forecloses will your wages be garnished?

That would depend on garnishment laws from state to state. In Texas, no.

Why can't someone garnish an independent contractor's wages in Texas?

Because they do not receive a salary that can be garnished.

What is the maximum percentage allowed for wage garnishment in Texas?

Texas only allows wage garnishment for taxes and child support. A judgment creditor cannot garnish your wages. They can however levy your bank account once you deposit your paycheck.

If one resides in Texas but works for a company in another state can wages be garnished for personal debt?


Can unemployment wages be garnished for paying child support in Texas?

Yes. File for a modification. see links

How much of your paycheck can be garnished for a federal student loan in Texas?

The Federal guideline is 15-25% of your paycheck.