Orcas (killer whales)

Can a killer whale kill a seal?


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Lo;;er Whales can kill a seal. They can do this with ease. All they have to do is to splash the seal of the ice into ocean then eat it or just swim to it and eat it.

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no it can not kill a orca killer whale

No, if anything the pod will try to hunt down the leapard eal

yes a dolphin can kill a killer whale and they do to protect themselves from the whales

A killer whale is a toothed whale in the oceanic dolphin family delphinidae.

belluga whale seal walrus killer whale

by taking a gun that is made for underwater and shot the gun and the bullet will go in it and kill the killer whale

The killer whale. The ones around California even eat elephant seals. Of course the Killer whale is not a real whale but a giant dolphin but do you wish to make that distinction.

us humans kill killer whales for food

Some times the killer whale

The killer whale is big and if you do anything in front of it it will bite you and kill you

Top ot bottom: sun plankton small fish large fish seal killer whale<it could eat the large fish or the seal:] >

No because the megladon is way bigger and would just eat the killer whale and because the megladon is dead so how is a killer whale supposed to go back in time to kill one if it could kill one?

I know people kill killer whales.

It is sad to say but Humans can kill Orca (Killer Whale) Another Killer Whale could kill a killer whale. Orca (Killer whales) are Apex Predators which means they are really not hunted for food by others in the sea. A Blue whale can kill an Orca (Killer Whale) with just one strike of it's tail. A Sperm Whale could also kill an Orca if it was being attacked either with it's teeth or its tail. Some would say the Great White Shark, There is much evidence to prove (Including video) that killer Whales can kill a Great White Shark, it could depend on if the Killer Whale is a young one or not. There is a National Geographic issue which has a photograph of a killer whale pod literally ripping a huge chunk blubber/flesh out of the front side of a grey whale while the whale is still alive & swimming. It is shocking but amazing. I believe the point was that it was the first photo that proved that killer whales would attack a massive whale.

Probably the Killer Whale or Leopard Seal

yes, an example is the seal

why people kill killer whale

A Killer Whale or Orcanus Orca.

the killer whale got its name because it is really an Orcinus which is a member of the dolphin family. But since the Orcinus would kill whales to eat, the spanish called it 'whale killer' otherwise known as the killer whale

Killer Whales are the largest dolphin species that hunt other ocean animals, including whales.

Killer whales (orcas) are known to eat any species of seal that occupies the same habitat as itself.

The leopard seal and the orca (killer whale)

Depends on the type of shark. If its a huge quick shark it will kill quicker then the killer whale. If its something like the hammerhead, the killer whale may kill quicker. It also depends on how much energy and how hungry and how strong they are at the time.

Second to the top - they are predators but I believe that a Killer Whales probably kill and eat them so they are not the top predator. So the pyramid would go (starting at the bottom): Plankton -> fish-> penguin -> Leopard seal -> Killer Whale

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