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can a kind person give me a free dragon amulet email in dragonfable

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2009-10-04 07:17:58
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Q: Can a kind person give you a free dragonfable with a dragon amulet account?
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Can a kind person will give a dragonfable account with a dragon amulet?

No Jerko.

Can a kind person give you a free dragonfable with a dragon amulet account that works?

no because artix entertainment will find out and delete the acount

Can a kind person give you a free dragonfable dragon amulet account not verifyed to aqworlds please?

username d p s guhati name vegeta class warrior lvl 129 hair spiky if you want the password mail me at

How do you be dragonlord in AQWorlds?

buy a dragon amulet for an account that is linked to your master account. then goto the AQWorlds homepage, and look on the side for "Verify DragonLord"Afterwards, type "/join tower" and go to the far left. Find the Dragon Amulet person, and there is DragonLord class and Defender Class.

How do you make a new person on Dragon Fable?

u half to have a dragon amulet

Can a kind person help you with a Dragon Amulet account with a low level?

Possibly. Try getting a friend that you trust to help you. Do not give out your account information to strangers for any reason.

Code for dragonlord class on AQWorlds?

You can get the Dragon Lord class by: 1st going to the AQW homepage, 2nd find the option to verify either DragonLord(Dragon Fable), Star Captain(Mech Quest), or Guardian(Adventure Quest), 3rd after choosing an option you enter both information of the account your verifying and the account your using to verify, 4th log into your AQW account and go to the tower(/join tower) and go to the far end left and there will be 3 people, each with the different upgraded icons from 3 of the verified games. Go to the person with the icon that you verified with(example: dragonfable(dragon amulet). And Buy the Dragonlord class for 5,000.... Hope this was helpful, Robbyguyster (AQW Name) P.S. No code needed. Just the Accounts.

What do you do with the amulet in Poptropica?

you go to the vikings. talk to the first person and click on i found your amulet.

Who is the best person to travel with on dragonfable?


How do you get dragonlord class in aqw?

First you need to make a member account on dragon fable by buying a card or just paying online. after you have got the dragon amulet you goto the left side of the aqw home page where there are many bars which shows stuff and one of those bars inside should be something that is called verify dragon fable account. after ur done verifying you go to the tower... u can just type join tower and then find a person inside which should sell dragonlord class and also the stuff for dragonlord. Hope this helps P.S my aqw account is named hajibada so if u need help more u can find me and ask

Where do you get the unlucky shadowreaper of doom on dragonfable?

from the person that sells doom weapons

How to get free amulet in RuneScape?

in order to get a free amulet without making one, you must get together four beads of different colors and give them to a person on the top floor of the wizards tower. you will get an amulet of accuracy for this. Also you will get other things such as magic exp.

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