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It depends on what state you are in according to

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2009-06-24 00:38:32
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Q: Can a landlord deny you an apartment if you only have first and last month's deposit even though they asked for Security deposit as well?
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Landlord has last months rent plus security. can I live out last months rent?

Yes you can. Your landlord cannot use your last month's rent as security deposit and vice versa.

How long does a landlord have to return a security deposit in the state of Arizona?

In Arizona, a landlord can ask for a security deposit equal to one and a half months rent. Once the tenant vacates the property, the landlord has 14 days to return the deposit. If any part of the deposit is kept, an itemized list must be included.

Megan wants to rent an apartment for 475 a month The landlord wants two months' rent for a deposit How much will Megan pay for her deposit?


Can a landlord use last months rent as a security deposit in Arizona?

Yes, only if the Landlord accepts. This is usually a request by a Tenant that is most often denied by the Landlord.

Can a new landlord demand an additional second security deposit of one months rent six months after the original landlord received an initial deposit equivilent to a months rent from a existing tenant?

I think he can since he is new. Did you get back your deposit from the original landlord? I would try to get it or find out where the money went. The money could have been handed over to the new landlord or landlord 1 kept it. You may be able to sue him in small claims court for your deposit.

Can you leave not pay last months rent let landlord keep security deposit without a lease agreement?

only if that is agreeable with landlord. A lease agreement without a lease is a verbal lease. Your last month's rent is not a security deposit.

If you pay a security deposit and first months rent is the following month going to be in full payment of the rent or prorated?

The first month's rent pays for your first month in the apartment. You will owe the agreed-upon rent to the landlord the second month. I can't see why anything would be prorated--your security deposit cannot be used for rent.

What do you pay to the landlord before you move in?

To move into a dwelling, the landlord is going to generally ask you for the first month's rent, a security deposit, and often times the last months rent. Every state has its own rules about this and you should check with it. In South Carolina and Florida your security deposit may not exceed one month's rent. And in both states that security deposit may not be used as rent unless you and the landlord mutually agree.

Can you be evicted for trying to use deposit for last months rent?

Yes. The security deposit is intended to be used to repair damages. Telling the landlord to use the deposit for rent is simply failure to pay the rent.

How do you go about getting your security deposit after waiting 2 months?

If your landlord has not returned to you the security deposit he owes you, within the specified period of time stated by law, you must sue him in small claims court to get your money back.

If you are evicted from an apartment can the landlord keep rent for months paid in advance?

Your landloard can keep your Security Deposit, not advanced rent (such as last month's rent), for non-payment of rent or damages. An eviction alone doesn't automatically allow a landlord to keep all of your deposit. Now let's clarify what an eviction is: it's a court proceeding to remove you from your home. A landlord asking you to leave after a specific perios of time is not an eviction.

What does first last and security deposit mean for a rental home?

First and last months security deposit is given so the landlord has a means of repairing any damage you might do to the house. It encourages the renter to take care of the property in order to get their deposit back.

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