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The answer depends on the details. If it was a legitimate transfer for consideration the lender may have missed its opportunity to attach its lien to the property. However, if it was a transfer for the purpose of avoiding the creditor the court may allow the lien and void the transfer. Creditors are aware of this distinction and will petition the court to protect their rights.

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The lender can only place a lein on YOUR property.

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Q: Can a lender still place a lien on your real estate property if you have grant deeded over the home to someone else before they placed the judgment?
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Can a mortgage be omitted from probate if the property was deeded to someone else before death?

No, the mortgage is a debt of the estate. That mortgage must be resolved before the property can be transferred.

If you are gift deeded real property from a friend can they take it back?


What is the spousal rights to property that was quit claim deeded to a relative before death?

If a husband conveyed his individually owned property to his brother before he died, his widow has no rights in that property unless she lives in a community property state. In that case she should consult with an attorney.

What is the definition of deeded?

A deeded piece of land is a property that has been signed over to you. It could either have been paid for or given to you as a gift.

Who is deeded owner?

That would mean a property owner who acquired their interest in the property by virtue of a deed.

If property is deeded to person under age and the person deeding the property is receiving social security disability had inherited this property so now they have two properties?

If a person on social security disability inherited a property and then "deeded" it to a person who is underage there is one property. Why do you think there are two?

What is the definition of deeded land?

A deeded piece of land is a property that has been signed over to you. It could either have been paid for or given to you as a gift.

If a parent dies intestate but deeded property to only one sibling can the others make a claim on the property?

If they deeded the property to anyone during their lifetime it belongs to that person & won't be included in the probate, unless the property was part of a family trust, or some other arrangement.

If a property is deeded to a person receiving ssi and occupying the property to be deeded will it affect his ssi benefits?

Of course. The transfer of real property will add assets to his profile and may cause a change in his benefits. It also may eventually result in a medical assistance lien on the property to pay back benefits. You should consult with an attorney who specializes in special needs trusts before making this transfer.

How can you get caliber to understand that you deeded your property to hsbc in 2010 three years before caliber acquired the account from hsbc tax records show the title change on february 2010?

To get Caliber to understand that you deeded your property to HSBC in 2010, you will have to write out an affidavit stating all the details, as well as provide copies of the documentation to prove it.

Can a home be sold by one while the other is still living there?

It depends on how the property is deeded.

Can real property be deeded to a minor?

Most states allow minors to own property. To what extent they can exercise control over the property will vary by state.

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