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Mountain lion, or African lion? North American Mountain lions are smaller than African lions. It's doubtful a N. Am Mountain Lion could kill a full grown grizzly. Any full grown lion could kill a grizzly cub bear though.


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a grizzley bear 600 pounds

No. The grizzley is more deadly

No, a mountain lion could not kill an adult grizzly bear.

No. A bear, no matter what species, would easily kill a mountain lion.

# Polar Bear # Grizzley Bear # Moose (during rut) # Black Bear # Mountain Lion All are man killers

A lion could easily escape a bear, and a lion would not be easy for a bear to kill.

the bear they are a lot strongerThat depends on what type of bear it is. A black bear would lose, but grizzly's stand more of a chance. However, it is possible for a lion to beat a grizzly. When lions fight, their target is the throat and legs. Breaking the air pipe would suffocate the bear, and damaging It's legs would leave it on the ground, where the lion would kill it. But if the lion attempted that, the bear may kill the lion first.A kodiak bear, grizzly bear, or polar bear could kill a lion, but a lion could kill a black bear.Another AnswerA lion can kill any type of bear because a lion has powerful biting force and great fighting skills.

An African lion (assuming that's what the questioner is asking about) lives on an entirely different continent than most bears. Thus, no, a lion cannot kill a bear. Mountain lions also are not able to kill a bear because they would rather avoid an animal that is able to defend itself. A lion can kill a black bear, but will lose to a grizzly bear, kodiak bear, brown bear, or polar bear.

Rhino, Elephant, Hippopotamus, large silverback gorilla, grizzly bear, polar bear, kodiak bear, bull, and crocodile can kill a lion.

The four species of bears found in North America are the Polar Bear, Brown Bear, Grizzley Bear and Black Bear. The Grizzley and Brown bear are generally considered the same species.

How did the California Grizzley Bear get extinct

The cougar, or mountain lion, is at the top of it's food chain. It's only real enemy is man and perhaps an occasional grizzley bear.

Can a Bear or a Lion kill you? If so, then yes, a multicellular organim can kill you.

Lions cannot kill grizzly bears easily, so it will have more trouble with the polar bear. Yes. A lion can even kill two polar bears. Three polar bears can take down a lion.

It depends on who is bigger. If the black bear happened to kill the lion, the black bear would get badly injured.

Yes, a polar bear could kill a lion. A polar bear weighs 1800 pounds, is 13 ft long, and has stronger muscles than a lion, and its sharp claws could kill two lions at a time. A lion weighs 550 pounds and is 6.5 ft long.

In this scenario, the lioness and the lion are not enemies. This depends on if the black bear attacked the lion first or the lion attacked the black bear first. However, a lioness would not be attacked by the lion, but would get attacked by the black bear. The lion can kill a black bear without much trouble, but if the black bear is large enough, it might have a chance to win the fight with the lion. If the black bear attacked the lion, the black bear would win the fight, but would get badly injured. This leaves the lioness being able to kill the injured black bear with ease.

The polar bear has a weight advantage over the biggest lion. The biggest lion is as long as a polar bear and as tall as a ladder. Even if the polar bear and the biggest lion met and fought, the lion may win, but would get seriously injured.

It is possible, but the black bear is more likely to win.

That all depends on the bear, its health, age, species, etc.

The grizzly bear can kill a lion or a lioness with swipes of those powerful, sharp claws and strong swats. A large lion and a large lioness working together might bring down the grizzly bear depending on how big is the grizzly bear. Since grizzly bears have such big size and powerful claws that could kill a large lion or large lioness, it is quite strong enough to kill both of them. In this case, the grizzly bear would kill the large lioness and the large lion, but might get wounded.

No. Polar bears and lions will never meet. Even if they did, a polar bear would kill a lion out of its territory and probably eat it.

The Grizzley Bear club... Richard and Zach

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