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Can a loose battery cable cause other electrical problems?

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== == A loose battery cable will allow the alternator to run 'open circuit'. This puts the engine computer and other equipment under alot of strain from having to deal with very poor quality power. (essentially pulsed dc with some high voltage spikes and varying with engine RPM) The battery greatly stabilizes this dirty power. Assuming you didn't fry your engine computer, I'd try just resetting it. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Wait 5 minutes. Hook it back up. Try to start it. Beware of doing this if you have an anti-theft radio or an ignition key with a chip in it. You'll likely end up needing the dealer. The harder the copper wire presses the more energy will flow through it.

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Can a bad battery cause electrical problems on a VW beetle?

most definitely

Can a cracked battery cable cause electrical issues to your car?

Yes, if the cable is cracked and swollen it has a high resistance thus causing a loss of current. Replace any cracked or swollen cable.

Can a loose battery cable cause transmission problems?

Yes, cause a reduction of power to the engine. It will result in a power-train malfunction error

Electrical damage to auto caused by exploding battery?

Hard to say. It may cause no damage at all and then again it might cause serious problems.

What electrical problems cause 1987 camaro not to start?

dead battery, or a bad ignition control module inside the distribureator.

What problems cause the car to not start if the battery is working and the engine willl not turn over at all?

if you have good battery and cable connections, the starter motor or starter relay is bad

Can a loose battery cable cause the stereo to go in and out and cause static?

Yes, a loose cable actually could cause those problems, as well as others. I was dealing with a large variety of electronics problems in my last car. They included the problem you described. When I finally took it to the shop, the battery post itself was very loose. They tightened it back up, it took about 2 minutes, and all of my car's problems were solved.Check your antenna connections.

What kind of electrical problems would cause my 1999 jeep grand Cherokee to not start?

Battery, starter, fuel pump, ignition, computer,................

How do you diagnose electrical problems in a ford windstar?

For a good start, see "Related Questions" below for an exhaustive review of diagnostics for hunting down problems that cause the battery to drain down.

What would a loose battery cable do?

Cause a no start situation.

What can be pulling to much power from my van and not returing it to my battery?

Its called a parasitic draw. Any electrical component in the vehicle could cause it. To test for a draw, pull the negative battery cable and use a meter to measure amperage between the battery terminal and cable. The reading should usually be below 50mA or <.050 amps.

Do you hook up the positive or negative wire first on a battery?

Always hook up the red or positive cable first, otherwise you could cause a short between the battery and the car through your wrench. Ths of course could cause an explosion or other problems. The black or negative cable goes straight to the engine and the car's frame, so your wrench can touch the frame when you are tightening the cable end on the battery with no worry.

Can a loose battery cable cause no spark at the plugs?

A loose battery cable can cause no spark at the plugs, it can also cause your car not to start.Some newer cars need a min. 10 volts to run. Dirty cables can cause the same problem too.answerdefinetly yes a loose cable stops proper voltage getting to where it needs to be tighten cable and see if that fixes problem loose cable will also prevent proper recharging of battery

Would a loose battery cable cause the odometer to flicker?


What could cause starting problems in a Dodge Caravan?

The most common cause of automobile starting problems; is the battery needs to be charged. When the battery will not take a charge. It needs to be replaced.

What could cause the battery to drain on a 91 Chevy Lumina?

there is a short some where in the electrical system... or a bad battery.

Do you reconnect the ground or positive cables when installing a car battery?

Safe practice directs that when connecting battery cables to the battery, the positive cable should beattached first, and then the negative cable last. In disconnecting battery cables, safe practice directs cable order in the reverse, I.E., the negative cable is disconnected first, and and the positive cable last. The reason for this safety procedure is that IF the ground cable is attached first, then when using a metallic wrench to tighten the positive cable clamp, and IF the wrench in contact with the positive terminal clamp were to come in contact with any grounded metal of the vehicle, then a tremendous short circuit would occur. A massive short circuit results in massive arcing [fireball] which can severely burn a person, damage the battery [or cause it to explode], damage the vehicle electrical system, or worse, cause the vehicle to catch on fire. Always connect the negative cable last, and disconnect the negative cable first!

How can electrical cable cause a fire outbreak in buildings?

A short in the wring can cause heat and a spark which can start a fire.

What would cause a car to quit running if you take off the battery cable?

the alternator is out

What can i do if iconnect a negative battery terminal to a positive on a Isuzu rodeo?

Cause the battery to explode or damage the electrical system in the car.

Does a dirty battery cause it to die?

no it doesn't Corrosion on the top of a car battery can allow electrical flow from one post to the other which will drain the battery.

Could a discharged battery cause problems to the car?

Yep, will not start.

What problems does a bad alternator cause?

Dead battery, car will not start

Can a bad starter keep your alternator and battery from charging?

YesFirst if the starter is bad the car will not start, if it will not start it can not charge the battery.If the starter will not work it can mean there is an electrical problem that will also prevent the alternator from charging the batteryThe starter itself CAN NOT CAUSE CHARGING PROBLEMS!The extra load on the battery can ruin the battery and that can ruin the alternator. But before that NO.

What can cause a car engine to not start?

Can only be: no petrol or an electrical fault = flat battery, no spark, electrical short, bad wiring.