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Yes, but try therapists until the issue is resolved. There is likely a problem that professional help can resolve. Do not give up, try as many as it takes to resolve the problem. Sex is natural and enjoyment with your partner should be natural as well.

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Did Ernest Hemingway ever have a relationship with a man?

I sure hope not!

Did Princess Ardala ever have a romantic relationship with Tiger Man?

Possibly, but I think it unlikely.

What is a relationship as to function?

Ever heard "No man is an island." Relationships functions as life. Relationships keeps a man from being crazy or depressed.

How important it is for man to know if he satisfied his woman sexually?

It depends on the man. Some guys don't care as long as they themselves are satisfied, and others find it more satisfying to know that the woman is sexually satisfied as well.

What does it mean when a guy puts his hand on a girls shoulder while they are walking?

When a man put his hands on a girl it will be a sign of developing an intimacy with her. But it all depends on the way the man is doing it. If he is just holding on and deeply interested in talking then just an intimacy may be the content. But if he is caressing or holding you tightly he means an intimacy which is intended to seduce you.

How do you know when a man is satisfied after sex?

He goes to sleep

How do you know a man is satisfied after sex?

When he wants to snuggle with you after

How do you satisfy in man?

You shouldn't have to do much he is a man so just touch and boom he is satisfied

What is the relationship between the Nurse and Paris in Romeo and Juliet?

They don't ever interact, but the Nurse thinks he is a handsome man.

Why are you sexually aroused by your wife's affair?

AnswerGo ask your wife and her lover if they are ok with a threesome. ANSWER:Could it be that you know how your wife is in bed when the two of you is having intimacy, and now she is doing it with another man, and to you, that will be a turn on. Don't understand how but when it happens to me, it was hard to have intimacy with the man I married..

Why did my best friends sleep with my man?

he slept with her because he is not satisfied with you

That black man song that goes baby I'm so satisfied I'm so satisfied you keep me smiling?

I think it LeVert.

If you are in love with your straight friend how can you get him to agree to a romantic relationship with you?

You can't. Sexual orientation is unchangeable, and even if you could somehow get him to agree to intimacy, it would never work out. Imagine when someone asks how they could change you into a straight man. It's impossible.

How can a man satisfied satisfy a woman during sexual ntercourse?


If you are a woman what can you do to satisfied a man?

share feelings,go out to eat,talk.

Will a woman be sexually satisfied with a man having a penis of 4 inches?


Is the term bachelor referring to an unmarried man or an unmarried man not in a relationship?

It means unmarried man not ina relationship.

Will a relationship with a Scorpio man work?

That depends on the Scorpio Man. He has to be emotionally mature to have a relationship.

Do men ever stay with women who wait for sex until a committed relationship?

Depending on the man. Sometime is religious to or sometimes men just don't want to stay with women who wait for sex until committed relationship. it's depending on the man, since each man has different personality.

Who Emphasized man's relationship to man?


Which of the following developmental task is a task of a 25-year-old man?

establishing intimacy and vocational goals

How did early man satisfied with his needs from his environment?

Early man used natural sources such as animals,plants,coal and firewood.

What woman need to do to satisfied her man?

Cook them food and not behave like Lady Gaga.

How long must you be in a relationship with a guy in order to get intimate with him?

Don't rush intimacy because this is the time when you get to know each other first and share your hopes and dreams with each other. Nature always takes the lead and when the time is right the man in question will make the first move.

How early man satisfied his basic needs from his environment?

Early man used natural sources such as animals,plants,coal and firewood.

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