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Yes. Acceleration can be positive or negative. When he jumps out of the airplane and is in free fall, he is accelerating in a downward direction, so his acceleration is negative. When he opens his parachute, he accelerates in an upward direction, so his acceleration is positive.

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What happens to a skydiver before they open their parachute?

They jump out of the plane and accelerate to terminal velocity.

How do you use parachute in a sentence?

The man jumped out of a plane using a parachute . *-*

Would a parachute be balanced when it falls?

As long as it is not accelerating (going faster and faster, or slower and slower), the forces on the parachute are balanced. Initially, the parachute will accelerate - in this case the forces are unbalanced. It will continue accelerating, until the force of gravitation is balanced by the force of resistance.

When you pull a cord on parachute do you go back up?

You do go up, relative to the cameraman, but you never actually gain altitude. When the parachute opens you accelerate upwards and you fell exactly the same as if you were accelerated upwards from rest.

Who brought parachute pants into style?

The hippies man! fight the man! Peace!

What does simon note on the mountain?

The dead man with a parachute.

Can you put the word parachute in a sentence?

The man jumped out of a plane using a parachute so he would fall safely to the ground. We used a parachute so we could land safely on ground.

What happens to the man on the parachute?

He lands on the island, the boys see the parachute man land and think he's the beast (that's why they started the "dance"). After the dance is over and Simon is washed away to sea, the wind picks up his parachute and carries him out past the reef.

How does weight affect a parachute?

weight would affect a parachute if you put a 500lb man on a parachute and dropped him gravity would make him travel faster towards the ground compared to if you placed a 92lb boy on a parachute as the parachute applies the same force to both of them but the man weighs more so takes more to slow down and therefor lands down on the ground first By Alister Kelly

Where does Ralph's attempt to rationalize what has happened?

When they find the parachute man in the forest

How do you throw a parachute man toy?

Stand on something tall, and toss the man into the air anyway you want

What happens to the man in the parachute in Lord Of the Flies?

Simon disentangles the parachute lines from the rocks on the mountain top and the wind carries him away, across the lagoon and out to sea.

Can a man accelerate faster than a horse?

No not faster than Secretariat:)

What do sam and Eric tell the boys they have seenwhat is it actually?

AnswerThey see a dead man floating from a parachute. There was an aerial battle going on above them and the man was killed.they thought they saw the beast that was mentioned throughout the book. but it was really a dead man floating from a parachute. (like the person said above...) the man was killed in a battle.

A man jumped out of a plane without a parachute how did he survive?

The plane was on the ground, not flying in the air.

In newton's second law force causes a mass to what?

... to accelerate.... to accelerate.... to accelerate.... to accelerate.

Who is peter in nazi zombies?

He is thought to be the man who has been hung by a parachute on the map, Shi No Numa

What do the boys search for on the island in lord of the flies?

The beast. which is a dead man that came down in a parachute.

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