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Yes, the only predators of the cobra are the mongoose and man.

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King Cobra Scientific Cassification

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Squamata

Suborder: Serpentes

Family: Elapidae

Genus: Ophiophagus

Species: O. hannah

The largest poisonous snake would be the King Cobra(Ophiophagus hanna), the Latinword Ophiophagus means "Snake-eater".The king cobras average size is 13-14 ft. (3.96-4.26m) weighing around 20 lbs (9 kg), they can reach a length of around 18.5ft (5.6388m) weighing over 40lbs. (18.1436kgs.) and lives in the Rainforest's and grasslands of Southeast Asia, India and China. Color is generally tan, olive-green or black with faint pale yellow cross bands, the females lay around 50 eggs, the king cobras are the only snakes who construct a nest for their hatchlings which they incubate and protect until they emerge in 60 to 80 days, the young are called Hatchlings and are about 1.5 ft. (50cm ) long at birth, the King cobra is very fast and agile with an average lifespan of about 20 years.

Although not the most toxic of poisonous snakes a king cobra can kill an elephant with one bite, the king cobra tracks by site and smell then kills it's prey by striking and injecting it with venom and swallowing it whole, it's preferred diet is mainly other venomous and non-venomous snakes but includes small reptiles, birds and amphibians as well. King Cobras are aggressive and will rear up to confront the intruder where most other cobras will slither away and hide. The only predators are the mongoose and man.

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Q: Can a mangoose kill a king cobra?
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Can a cobra kill king kong?

A spitting cobra can kill king kong by spitting poison at it.

Is there a law to protect the king cobra?

Yes it is a tradition that the king cobra brong good luck you will be arested if you kill a king cobra

Does a king cobra have enough venom to kill a tiger?

yes, the king cobra is very strong and can kill a lot of animals

What can you do to help the king cobra?

if you see a king cobra somewhere don't kill it or don't run it over

Is a king cobra harmful?

Yes. A king cobra's bite can easily kill a healthy adult human.

Who will win if King cobra fights with Green Anaconda?

Green Anaconda will kill king cobra and eats it

How does a king cobra kill its prey?

A cobra kills its prey by injecting venom.

Can honey badger kill a king cobra?

it basically depends on the honey badgers size. if the honey badger were to be a baby it would put up a fight but would not be able to kill the king cobra. the king cobra also can kill well but it also decides on the size. if it were to be a fully grown honey badger it could kill the king cobra no matter what size.

Can a spitting cobra kill a king cobra?

no way.. king cobra are the largest venomous snakes, they are specalised in preying on other snakes and are immune to the other snakes' venom. In addition to that all snakes have a transparent cover on their eyes so the spitter's venom wont blind the king cobra. in a battle b/w a king cobra and and the spitting cobra, king cobra will easily kill and devour the spitter...

How do you exterminate a king cobra?

The only way to kill a king cobra is to cut it's head off or step on it

How much venom is required from a king cobra to kill a man in milligrams?

2 to 3 mg of king cobra venom is enough to kill a adult human in minutes.

Can a king cobra kill an elephant?

yes it can, with a single bite from a cobra to an elephant, it is plenty to kill a full grown male elephant.A King Cobra bite can kill a full-grown elephant in a few hours or 15 people in about 15 minutes

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