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No. It will never be the same. The element of trust has been broken and you will always wonder if he/she is cheating or having an affair.

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Q: Can a marriage ever be the same after one spouse cheat or has an affair?
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Will your marriage ever be the same after your spouse affair?

People are only human and make mistakes so if this is the first time your spouse has cheated on you and they are willing to go to marriage counseling to learn tools to deal with problems in the marriage then yes, there are marriages that survive an affair and end up being stronger for it.

What if your marriage is broken beyond repair after your spouse affair?

That's Biblically the only reason for divorce. Can you ever trust your partner again after that?

Will you ever feel that security and peace that you once had from your spouse after his affair?

Maybe but not really. I has to do with the way you are and the way he/she asks after the affair.

Is it ever okay to cheat on your spouse?

No it is never okay to cheat on your spouse!! However it is okay if you marry some one and then talk to the person you marry and decide that you want to cheat on each other or something like that TOGETHER but other than that no it is not okay, ever!!

What percentage of people cheat on there spouse at work?

It is difficult to give statistics, but the number can be quite large. However, that shouldn't make you believe that a majority of spouses cheat. In any marriage, trust is the keyword. Hence, trust your partner and your instincts. If your partner ever happens to cheat you, your instincts will let you know.

Should you get a divorce after your husband's affair?

Yes, you can see a lawyer to file for divorce because of your husband's affair. However, if this is the first time your husband has ever had an affair be wise; cool off and see if you can save the marriage. There have been thousands upon thousands of marriages where one spouse has made the mistake of having one affair and felt remorse and with marriage counseling the marriage has become stronger. If your husband has more than one affair then go for the divorce.yes you can file for divorce but how do you feel about the situation obviously your upset but do you still love him if you do you have to work at a marriage its not easy but start to build up trust again maybe go to counseling go on a few dates. in a marriage each person has to build there side of the bridge build youras if he builds his side then give him a second chance

Has anyone ever married the person they were having an affair with and regretted it and can you ever trust them?

The old saying "the head of the snake always turns around and bites you on the butt" is so true in life. If you have an affair it's wrong! Either you are married, he/she is or both of you are. Often people are unhappy in their marriage for various reasons and instead of trying to work it out they have an affair. Sometimes the two people having the affair feel they are deeply in love, but, if you really think of it, if both of you had an affair with each other how can each of you trust the other. It doesn't sound like you are very happy in your marriage so I don't know why you are worried if you can trust your spouse. It is true two people that had an affair together can get married and live a happy life. Unfortunately, it sounds as if you are having regrets. Be careful not to judge your mate and think he/she is having an affair .. those are old fears from the past. If you suspect this then keep a watchful eye out or even consider talking to your spouse to get the air cleared. Good luck Marcy

Is it better to forgive and forget when it comes to your spouse affairs?

The key word in your question was 'affairs.' This indicates your spouse has had more than one affair and you need to get tough! You are in charge of your destiny and only you can decide what makes you happy. Letting a spouse get away with cheating more than once is enabling their behavior and hurting you over and over again. When a spouse cheats once that can be human and a mistake, but when a spouse keeps cheating this is a lack of respect to their spouse. This is when the spouse who is being cheated on gets tough and has a zero tolerance level. Give your spouse the option of going to marriage counseling and if they cheat one more time then you are filing for divorce. Do not settle for less for yourself by forgiving and it is not true that a person who has been cheated on ever forgets it. That bond of trust between the two has been broke and in this case multiple times.

How do you find out if a spouse is cheating?

Does your spouse flirt with other people, does he or she come home late, Do they ever hang out with you, These are signs that they are cheating but, if you trust they would NOT cheat then trust them.

Why does a spouse give more attention to the affair than the marriage?

In the case of a woman, she will pay more attention to her affair than her actual spouse because of lack of activity with that spouse. In an affair, she will atleast have more activity to cater to her excessive hormones that have built up due to inactivity (activity being a way to "burn them off" not always s*x though). If another man is giving more attention to her, she will (of course) in return, give more attention to the affair. A similar thing will happen with a man. The affair spikes his "senses" more than his current spouse does and so that will build up the man's hormones and so on... By the way, affairs are a very bad idea and I would never recommend it to anyone, because if you ever decide to tie the knot with your affair, the whole thing starts over again. Even if you don't though, you will still get caught! So just don't do it! If you trust this anwer, please say so!

Is it infatuation or love if a spouse don't want to stop seeing the other woman?

It could be either, and either way it's inappropriate. It stopping, apologies and atonements made, and a promise for nothing like it to ever happen again are the least things that must occur for a marriage to continue after an affair.

What's the use of getting married if one spouse will cheat one day?

How do you know that one spouse will cheat one day? Not all marriages are full of infidelity. Some marriages last 50+ years and neither spouse was ever unfaithful. Have faith & trust in your partner until he/she gives you a reason not to.

Can you make your marriage better than ever after your husband's affair?

No. He lied to you about love. Sure, you can forgive him, but that won't fix what he did.

Can you ever trust your unfaithful husband after his affair?

Trust is earned and your husband broke that bond of trust so he is going to have to earn it back. Both of you should seek marriage counseling to get to the root of why your husband thought he should cheat and the counselor can give tools for the couple to work with and strengthen their marriage. A marriage counselor is not there to blame either party, but to get you both to see the weak spots in your marriage and work on them. No, you will probably not trust your husband for cheating for awhile because trust is earned.

Did Barry Gibb ever had an affair?

Not that I know. As far as I know he has remained faithful to his wife of 38 (going to 39) years) of a happy blissful marriage.

What is the better way to communicate with your spouse after his affair when he refuses to communicate with you?

Tough love is the answer. Your spouse may be feeling remorseful; guilty and ashamed of themselves or, they may be frustrated and angry that their affair had been found out in the first place and still have feelings for the other woman. Communication in a marriage is the most important thing two people can learn, but it take two. You tell your spouse either they make an effort to discuss the problems in your marriage (and you must remain calm with no pointing fingers or yelling or you will only put your spouse back into their shell) or you are filing for divorce because you are not living this way of life any longer. This may be the shocker they need to hear. If matters do not improve then see a lawyer and get a separation which will give both of you a chance to be away from each other and hopefully your spouse will learn what is important in his life. It is a risk and he may want his freedom or, it could be the best thing you ever did. Hopefully he will come back and if he does then marriage counseling would be helpful. Most men do not want to take any type of counseling for fear they are blamed, but let him know the counselor is not there to point fingers at either of you, but to give you the tools to work out your problems in your marriage.

Is it mental cruelty if your spouse accuses you of having an affair but he has no proof and then he files for divorce but has no grounds?

yes that is mental cruelty because he has no reason to file for a divorce with no proof what so ever

How bad is an emotional affair and why?

Emotional affair is really bad and it will destroy the marriage. It can damage a relationship more than one night stand. The betrayal will be painful that saving the marriage will be hard. Emotional affair is about sharing deep thoughts and feelings with someone other than your partner and about keeping emotional secrets. It's easier to get over a one night stand than emotional affair. Because a one night stand is meaningless and doesn't involve true feelings or personal thoughts. To have emotional affair can occurs when deep connection are forged. It's more loving and connected than physical sex. If you or your spouse are having this feelings, think carefully if it's worth loosing the people that we love just because there's someone new that's listening to what ever we want to talk. It's not worth it, from my experience it was the end of our marriage.

Has gospel singer Bill Gaither ever had an affair?

Outside of his marriage to Gloria, I feel certain that the only meaningful affair that Bill Gathier has ever had is with Jesus Christ, his Lord. And, may I suggest that who ever ask this question do the same!This kind of question should not be asked on Bill Gaither. He has not. He has been happily married for so many years now.

How can you deny you had an affair?

First, say that the person threatened you to be with them, and if you didn't, they would kill the person you most love. That, or just tell the truth and don't ever cheat again.

Could you have pushed your husband to have an affair with a married woman?

If you're asking yourself whether you could have pushed your husband to have an affair with a married woman, the answer is "no." You simply do not have that power. Instead, it was a series of poor choices your husband made that most likely led to the affair. For instance, he decided to look outside the marriage for something he apparently needed. He decided to have an affair. He decided to ignore the marital vows of both your marriage, and those of the married couple's wife whom he had an affair with. So in short, don't blame yourself for your husband's behavior. He's not a child, and you are not responsible for his actions. That said, marital discord is very rarely, if ever, a single sided occurrence. Both parties are responsible for the maintenance of the marriage.

How do you explain your feelings to a cheating spouse?

When your spouse has cheated on you they have broken the bond of trust, (not to mention the person's heart) that you both once had and this is extremely serious as it will take a long while before you can ever trust your spouse again. Let them know that! Tell your spouse what is in your heart and how you feel and both of you need to learn good communication skills in order to rectify problems in your marriage. It appears this has not been happening in your marriage. If there is no communication between spouses then one and the other do not know what the problems in the marriage are and thus, cheating may occur by one or both spouses. After explaining if your spouse appears not to understand or does not care to understand how you feel then ask them how they would feel if you had done the same thing to them. If they come back with a flippant answer such as 'Feel free to do so' then kick their butt out the door and separate for awhile to give both of you time to think things over and decide where you want your marriage to go or, if it's time for you to move on with your life without your spouse.

Did one of ABBA have an affair with the other spouse?

If that ever happened they have certainly kept it a secret. I'm sure many people have wondered, but we may never know, so it's best to imagine that they were all faithful to their spouses.

Did Hera ever cheat on Zeus?

No, she did not. She was the goddess of marriage. *Hera did, however, have children without him - with no father at all - these children are Ares, Hephaestus, and sometimes Typhon.*

Will the marriage ever workout if one spouse has moved out and is not ready to home after 3 months?

Such a marriage will never ever work out as both the parents must be living together , and not a three months here and another three months there. They must live and share both the good and bad times together, and a big thought should also be given to the children.