Can a married couple join the navy?

You can, but like anyone in the Navy who's married and in-service, there's absolutely no guarantee that you'll be stationed together. While the detailers do their best to keep people together, the fact is that the needs of the Navy come first.

My wife and I were pretty lucky - we were separated for about 9 months before we got married, and only separated for a few months during the time after we got married before we were finally stationed at the same port.

But some aren't as lucky; one friend of mine whose wife was a Seabee was transferred to Okinawa for a year. Being a submarine Torpedoman, there's of course no billet there for him.

The first year or so that you're in you'll be in constant training anyway, and moving from command to command in a temporary duty status, making it nearly impossible to stay together.

Bottom line is that while it might sound good on paper, the reality is that it's a huge gamble, and the odds aren't in your favor.