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I would not touch it except to install a converter.

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โˆ™ 2011-12-16 15:06:17
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Q: Can a mechanic legally work on an exhaust system that has had the catalytic converter removed?
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Is a catalytic converter required for a 1998 dodge ram 2500 with an aftermarket exhaust?

Yes, legally and for the computer to function correctly you will need a catalytic converter.

Can you take off the catalytic converter and replace it with flowmaster?

Legally you can only replace a catalytic converter with another catalytic converter.

Can a catalytic converter be burned out or must it be replaced?

Legally a defective catalytic converter must be replaced.

Can fuel effecient cars legally not use a catalytic converter?

Absolutely not. The fumes released from any engine can be deadly without a catalytic converter and severely harm the environment no matter how efficient the engine is and no car can legally not use a catalytic converter.

Can you have a pipe made to replace the catalytic converter?

Not legally.

How do you bypass the catalytic converter on 2001 Chevy Tracker?

You don't not legally anyway. You could put in a straight through exhaust line, but if you're caught you could be severely fined.

How do you Convert 1977 trans am exhaust to true duel exhaust?

You'll have to remove the catalytic converter and Y-pipe and go with straight pipes with individual mufflers. Legally you can't remove the converter unless you're replacing it, which you'll need two if you're planning on true duals (to be legal, that is)

Can you remove the catalytic converter on your 1995 dodge Dakota?

Not legally.

Does a 1983 camaro need a catalytic converter?

Legally, yes

Can you remove a catalytic converter from a 1999 gmc sierra?

Not legally

Can a dealer sell a vehicle without a catalytic converter?

Not legally.

Can you take a catalytic converter off a 1985 monte carlo?

Not legally.

Can you take the catalytic converter off a 1985 Monte Carlo?

Not legally.

Does a 1984 Buick require a catalytic converter?

Legally, yes. Functionally, no.

Can you remove the Catalytic Converter from a 1982?

Not legallyNot legally

Does the 1986 Ford F-150 require a catalytic converter?

Legally, yes.Legally, yes.

Will anything happen to your 03 GMC Sierra if you take the catalytic converter off?

maybe a little trouble with the law (legally your supposed to have one on it) but my 95 GMC runs fine without one (had it removed when i put a performance exhaust on)

Can you gut the catalytic converter on a 1998 dodge 1500?

Not legally and not with out the check engine light coming on and staying on.

Can i take the catalyic converter off a 1985 Monte Carlo?

Not legally, but disregaring the law,a catalytic convertor can be removed from any vehicle.

Can you cut off your catalytic converter 97 ram?

Not legally, not with out setting the check engine light, and not with out negative performance issues.

Can you remove catalytic converter on a 2000 ford expedition entirely with no harm?

If you remove it. It won't PAST Emission Inspection Legally.

Can you drive your car with just a muffler?

You legally you need the entire exhaust system including a Catalytic converter that complies with Emissions laws of the state that you live in unless your car is 25 years or older. After 25 years you no longer need to have your emissions tested. So at that point you could basically drive around with no exhaust unless your causing noise complaints.

Can you drive a 2000 dodge ram 1500 without catalytic converter?

you can. but not legally The check engine light will also be on.

What is a cat-back system and how is it different from a dualed out exhaust?

A cat back system is simply all exhaust system components like mufflers or pipes which are attached 'after' or 'back' of the catalytic converter. Here is the twist... it is quite possible for a cat back system to also be a true dual exhaust system if there are 2 separate catalytic converters, each with its own exhaust system components behind it. Then a cat back system in this particular instance, would still include the components being replaced 'after' the cats. The differences arise when there is a single catalytic converter but with split or dual exhaust components after it. From behind the car, the dual exhaust pipes make it look like the car has dual exhaust, but in actual fact it only has one pipe leading to the cat converter and then has 2 sets of exhaust components 'after' it. Again, any cat back system could be either single pipe and component or dual pipes and components. Most cat back systems were created to allow use of the legally mandated cat converter while freeing up exhaust flow after the converter.More answers:Cat-back is simply a strait pipe from the cat back. The difference is a dual exhaust can still have mufflers on the pipes.Cat-back means whatever exhaust that is dual starts at the cat. Dual starts at the manifolds and duals all the way back. You could have cats in duals if you wished and spent the big bucks.Cat back" exhaust is all the pipe and muffler(s) from your catalytic converter to the tailpipe. it is a must in emissions legal vehicles to avois a ticket if your replacing your factory exhaust. however "true duals" are very cheap and are nothing more than a pipe from the manafold or header, to the tailpipe, no mufflers or cats.

Do you need a catalytic converter on a ford diesel 6.0L?

Legally yes. as far as do you need it for the turck to get you a delete pipe and enjoy the now sound and better mileage.