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Can a minor child choose to live with an adult sibling?

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Not if there's already some kind of court order for custody. If there's not, the child still can't legally make the decision, but if all parties agreed, the child could live with a sibling. However, the parents, as legal guardians, have last say.

2006-07-24 19:42:47
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Can a minor child choose to live with an adult sibling with just one parents consent?

The Aunt can be named a guardian, however this dos not prevent a custody challenge by the other parent.

Does a minor sibling have different rights in a parent's estate than a sibling who is an adult?

The answer depends on the laws in your jurisdiction. Most intestacy laws treat a minor child differently recognizing the need for a parent to provide for minor children. In most jurisdictions in the US a parent cannot disinherit a minor child. An adult child can be disinherited in many jurisdictions as long as the will meets the requirements of state laws. The law in the UK is different.

Is older adult sibling in his or her twenties morally obligated to raise the younger minor sibling if both parents die and no one else is there to take care of minor sibling?

YES! If the adult sibling doesn't, the person can be seen as heartless by others, and they should be mentally evaluated -- they may have a mental disorder.

Can a minor child choose to live with grandparent?

Yes, as far as our law here in India is concerned. In the US a child can not choose where to live until they have reached the legal adult age, usually 18.

Can a minor live with an adult sibling in Alberta?

With parental consent yes, and it also matter how old they both are.

Can you drive with a sibling who's a minor in the car with only a learner's permit?

You can't drive by yourself, so you can't drive a sibling by yourself. I believe you can drive a sibling an adult over 25 with a license is in the car.

Can a parent sue their own child for stealing from them?

If the child is an adult, yes. If the child is a minor you as the parent is responsible for what they do.

What age can a child choose a custodial parent in Ct?

As long as you are a minor you are not allowed to choose.

What age can child choose custodial parent in CT?

As long as you are a minor you are not allowed to choose.

How old can a child choose what parent to live with in california?

A minor is not allowed to choose where to live.

Can a mother file a restraining order on behalf of her daughter on her half sibling if she feels like sexual advances and harm is inevitable in the likelihood of separation or divorcet?

In the case of a minor child, a parent must file the petition for any court order. If the child is an adult, the mother cannot file unless the adult child is somehow incapacitated and the mother has guardianship authority.

Can an emancipated minor own a house?

An emancipated minor is legally an adult. They may own whatever they choose and can afford.

Can a minor child choose which parent to live with in California?

No he have to be 18.

Is a person considered an adult if the have a child at 16?

If you live in the Having a child does not emancipate a minor.

Paying child support if the child is using drugs?

Typically, the custodial parent of a minor continues to receive child support until the minor becomes an adult or is emancipated.

Who is first next of kin - parent or child?

Your next of kin is your adult child or if your child is a minor, your parents.

Can a 16 year old drive a minor sibling to school in California?

if has a drivers permit and there is an adult with the 16 year old yes he can

How old does a child have to be in fl to choose which parent to live with?

A minor in Florida can not choose until they are 18.

If a minor gets pregnant by an adult is the adult forced to go to jail?

Yes, but if a minor gets an adult female pregnant, he's obligated to pay child support. see links below

If minor has parent permission and gets pregnant by an adult?

A parent that gives permission for a minor to have sex with an adult is committing a crime, as is the adult with whom the minor has sex. Think about it. If it is okay for a parent to give permission for a minor to have sex with an adult, at what age is ok? 15? 12? 10? What about 4 or 5? It is the responsibility of the parent to protect their minor child.

What age can a minor child choose custodial parent in florida?

When they are 18,

What age can a minor child in Florida choose to live with non custodial parent?

When that child turns 18, he or she can choose to live with the noncustodial parent.

What age can a minor child choose to live with the non-custodial parent in tennessee?

A minor child may not choose to live with the non-custodial parent. The non-custodial parent can go to court to have the custody order modified, but the only age at which a child is free to choose which parent they want to live with is the one at which they're no longer a minor.

Is a 17-year-old Florida minor an emancipated adult if she has a child?

No. Merely having a child does not emancipate a minor in any state of the US.

Is a pregnant minor in the state of California considered an adult once the baby is born?

i think once the child is born, the minor is considered an adult. and has emancipation rights from their parents.