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Not on taxes no. The parent the child lives with has the main right to claim the child. But if that parent can't or doesn't want to then the other parent can

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Q: If a child lives with one parent can the other parent who does not live in the same home claim that same child?
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Can you claim your financial support for your child on your taxes if child lives with other parent?

No, child support is not tax deductible by the payer.

Can the new spouse claim the child as an exemption?

If you are filing as married and the child's other parent does not claim them, or is disallowed from claiming them.

Can you sue a parent for claiming a child on taxes when you have court orders to claim them?

If the court has given costudy of the child to you and the child lives with you and you are the provider, but the other parent claims the child on his/hers taxes, this is illigal. Not only you can sue, but you need to report this person to the IRS and let them deal with him.

If your child lives with you but you share legal custody with the other parent are you the custodial parent?

Primary residential

Which parent has custody if the child lives with someone other than the parent?

Typically, the caretaker is the custodian.

Do you have to pay child support if one child lives with you and the other with the other parent?

They have to pay child support to one another.

If your child drops out if high school but lives with you can you still get the social sercurity check for the other parent?

I meant to say "from the other parent" not "for the other parent"

Can you do an amendment on your 2009 taxes and take a child off so the other parent can claim him?


Can an 18 year old child get child support from a parent after leaving the house on their own in NY?

No. Child support is owed to the parent or other caretaker with whom the child lives.

Will you receive more child support with sole custody as opposed to joint custody?

You may since sole custody implies the child lives with that parent 100% of the time. With joint custody the child may dwell with the other parent for part of the time or with one parent all of the time with visitations for the other parent. It depends on the details and the state child support guidelines.

Can I claim earned income credit for my child while the other parent claims him as a dependent?

i think you can

Is it legal for a parent to issue a missing persons report if he knows that the child is with the other parent?

No, but parents do it anyway, as well as claim abduction.

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