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Yes of course.

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Does a citizen of Mexico who has his papers still need a passport to go to Mexico to visit?

does a citizen of Mexico need a passport to go from the us to Mexico and back? He is legal to be in us but not a us citizen.

If a US citizen marries a Mexican citizen in Mexico can they both return to the US?

sure you can return back to the US

A crisis in what country in 1904 nearly led to war?

The Moroccan (Morocco) crisis. In 1904 Morocco had been given to France by Britain, but the Moroccans wanted their independence. In 1905, Germany announced her support for Moroccan independence. War was narrowly avoided by a conference which allowed France to retain possession of Morocco. However, in 1911, the Germans were again protesting against French possession of Morocco. Britain supported France and Germany was persuaded to back down for part of French Congo. (the following was used from )

Can a US citizen fly to Mexico on the day his passport expires?

You can fly to Mexico, but, you won't be able to fly back to the US.

What type of paperwork or documentation do you need when visiting Mexico and returning if you are a US citizen?

Take a passport. As a US citizen, you won't have much trouble entering Mexico, but you will have to establish your citizenship to get back.

Can i go to mexico iam a us citizen and come back with not having a passport i have a valid id?


What documents does a us citizen need to go to Mexico and marry a Mexican citizen?

you don't need anything to go in, buy you do need a passport to get back out....

How do you help boyfriend get citizen or resident alien?

You can't help someone who is not an American citizen. They have to get and hold a job in Mexico for one year. Then they can apply to come back but not before.

Who will be responsible for the support of two US citizen children when their father who was a permanent resident is deported back to Mexico as an aggravated felon?

Obviously, you are responsible until he returns (if ever) from Mexico.

How long can you stay in the US if you are a citizen of Mexico?

Get a Visa, stay as long as your allowed, and then go back. If you're looking to become a citizen, that's a different story and will take up to 5 years.

If a Mexican can not be here in the us can you marry them?

Legally you can marry them in Mexico and then bring them back to the US. They are allowed to be in the US if they are married to a US Citizen.

If an immigrant had a baby in the US at home and there is no record of her having the baby and then she left the baby here to be raised and she went back to Mexico how do you get the baby legal?

You would have to go back to Mexico and take the test to get a passport and come back to America as a legal citizen. Yes i would

I am an American citizen my boyfriend was deported back to Mexico because he was not legal in the us if I marry him can he come back and how long will it take for him to be able to come back?

hard question, give me a kiss and I'll answer :)

What do I need if Im European citizen I have a visa to visit US and want to go to Mexico or Cuba from Miami and later back to USA Is that possible at all?

Yes. However, there are no direct flights from the US into Cuba; you would need to enter Mexico first. As an European citizen, you don't need anything besides your passport to enter Mexico.

How do you become employed if you are not a legal citizen of the us?

You go back to your home country(Mexico), where you belong, and get a job there. If there is no job available, just cry about it.

Have a coin with the star of David on it and the back is printed 1285 what is it?

a Moroccan 5 cents

If you came to the us illegally when you were 15 and have been here for over 8 years are you still a legal citizen of Mexico and are there penalties if you go back to Mexico?

Mexican citizenshipno there are no penalties for returning to your hometown. even if you were here all your life but were born over there youre considered a Mexican citizen. unless you get a citizenship in the united states that's when you have to pay a penalty to go to Mexico.

Can a us citizen fly to Mexico and back without a passport and are there alternatives to a passport?

To fly into Mexico you HAVE to have a passport. As of right now the only way you can get into Mexico without a passport is by land travel, but that will change as of Summer 2009. As of Summer 2009 you will need a passport for any land travel into Mexico and Canada.

Can an illegal Mexican in the US marry a US citizen and apply for a green card without having to go back to Mexico?

yes they can or at least it use to work

If you are an US citizen are you required to have an US passaport to cross back from Mexico into the US?

If you are returning on a flight, yes. Otherwise with a birth certificate or driver's license is enough.

How or where can a US citizen get a divorce from a Mexican citizen if they got married in Mexico and the husband came over illegally and both of them reside in the US and they just don't get along?

I really think you can not file a divorce in Mexico while you are residing in the US. Mexican law determines that you must reside in there so Mexican Courts are competent. (Jurisdiction Matter). I am not sure about American law.AnswerYou have to go back to Mexico to file for divorce. Be very careful that you get your information together and that you do a search on reputable lawyers (not some back alley lawyer) in Mexico. Good luckMarcy

A person that came to the us illegally has married a us citizen under the current immigration laws does this person have to go back to Mexico and wait there for her paperwork to go through?

Yes, the illegal immigrant has to return to Mexico and obtain an entry permit. \

How do you say Back to Mexico in spanish?

Depends on the context of the statement: If it is "[you] Go back to Mexico!" that is said (return to Mexico) "Regrese a México." If it is "Send it back to mexico" that would be "Devuevalo a México" If it is "I wand to go back to mexico" that would be "Quero regresar a México." If it is "Put your back to Mexico" that would be "Ponga su espalda a México."

What happens when a us citizen marries a illegal alien then the alien commits a crime and goes back to Mexico?

he goes to jail and is then repeatedly stabbed and abused for being different.... lol nah jst jokin he has his alien face eaten by a grasshoper Hitler they just go back 2 Mexico god

Can a US citizen with a DWI travel to Mexico?

Yes, as long as you don't have any standing warrants or are actively sought by the authorities. In these cases, you may and will be deported back to the United States.