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Although I feel fathers should, in most cases, be part of their children's lives and certainly take responsibility for paying child support, it's dishonest to collect child support for two children when you only had one at home. If this was the agreement with the court, then yes, your ex can make you pay back some of that money. Let's hope he has a big heart! Marcy

It is fraud to collect child support for (2) children if a person only has (1) child. The person should absolutely return the money, it is not her's to keep.

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Q: Can a mother be forced to pay back child support she received for two kids when only one child actually lived with her?
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Why did Mother Teresa support forced sterilization of Indian women?

Mother Teresa did NOT support forced sterilization. Sterilization is against Catholic Church teachings.

Can a mother who is being diagnosed with bipolar disorder be forced to pay child support?

The only way a mother can be forced to pay child support in any state, is if she does not have primary custody of the child. If the child or children live primarily with the father, then the mother can be made to pay child support.

Is it legal for a mother to be forced to pay back child support of now grown children?

the statute of limitations never expires for unpaid child support

If the child lives with father but the mother received custody in the divorce does father still pay the mother child support?

If the divorce ordered the father to pay support, he owes that support until/unless the order is modified.

Can a mother still receive child support if she gets married?

Yes, nothing stops a child support payment. The amount received is regardless of the financial status of the mother or the new husband.

If you dont live at home and your over 21 should you or your mother get back child support?

Your mother, if it's actually owed.

You have your 2 children for 8 weeks Child support was asked to be stopped by the mother Why have you not received it back?

Mother hasn't paid it. see my profile

The father was held in civil contempt for not paying child support but the mother never received a judge's order what can she do?

The order goes to child support enforcement to persecute.

Can the mother of your son go into court and tell them that the father has met his obligation of support so he state will not pursue back support?

If the Mother has received ANY State assistance, and the Father was NOT paying Child Support at any time...The State has every right to demand repayment.

Can your mother get back child support from your father who was ordered to pay but never did even if you recently turned 18?

Provided that she actually never received it, than there's no statute of limitation on enforcing a violation of court ordered child support like there is on court ordered visitation rights. see link below

Can you sue your biological father for back child support if your mother received welfare?

If you're in the US, no, a child cannot sue his parent for child support (payment for child support is not due to the child).

Do child support drop with a second child with a different mother?

In general, child support is a percentage of net income. When calculating support for younger children, support actually ordered and paid for older children is subtracted from net income.

How can a teenager file there father for child support?

Only after reaching the age of majority, provided the mother has never filed or received any. This only involves contacting child support enforcement.

Can sisters get child support from their father if mother objects to it?

The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.

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Can a mother who lives in the united states file for child support if the father lives in Mexico?

Yes (she should file in the US); however, actually collecting support might be difficult.

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A friend wants to sign his rights will he still have to pay child support?

"Signing away one's rights" is a myth. The only way this can actually happen is if the mother and her new spouse actually adopt the child.

If you are 24 years old and your mother is now receiving back child support from the father are you allowed to get the child support from the mother?

no it goes to the mother.

If a man was forced into an act that led to a woman becoming pregnant does he have to pay child support?

The court would only consider hearing the "forced into an act" claim if the male can prove beyond a doubt that he was literally held captive and his life was in jeopardy. If the mother chooses to file for child support and the alledged father contests the suit, the court will order a paternity test. The results of the test will determine if the male will be financially obligated. Other issues such as the possible coercion, deception, etc. by the female would not be relevant. Actually, the man's life doesnt have to be endangered for sex to be considered forced. That is like saying only female rape victims' whose lives were theatened were actually raped. If he didnt consent it is rape. And a man is not legally responsible for a child if the woman raped him. also, in certain states he could sue her for "stealing" his sperm

Can your mother get in trouble for receiving child support for you in Texas while you are living in Missouri?

There are no applicable laws in any state that says the person receiving the child support must be actually spending the money on the child, so no. However, it could be addressed as an issue of abandonment of the child if the mother is in Texas and the child is in Missouri.

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Can a mother sue for child support of her 32 year old daughter when the father refused to acknowledge paternity?

No. She is grown now so no need for child support. You should have done this when she was still a child. A DNA test would easily have proved he was the dad and the court would've forced him to pay.

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Can I be charged child support for a child that is not mine in Pennsylvania?

If the mother says the child is yours and you do not fight it and demand a DNA test, and she was not married at the time of birth, yes, you can be forced to support a child that is not yours. Conversely, if you were married to her when the child was conceived and or born you will be responsible for child support as the child was made during your marriage.see links