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No, if what is meant is, can a biological mother of a child give custodial rights to her mother without the necessity of court procedure and/or the agreement of the biological father.

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Q: Can a mother transfer her parental rights to her mother before offering custody to the child's father?
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Can you get out from foster care if you want?

Not if you are under 18. Just like your parents had custody of you the state now have custody of you. So when you needed parental consent you now need the state's consent for moving before 18 for instance.

What is child custody laws in Georgia before divorce?

Prior to a divorce married parents have equal parental rights.Prior to a divorce married parents have equal parental rights.Prior to a divorce married parents have equal parental rights.Prior to a divorce married parents have equal parental rights.

Do you have full custody of your son if his father left?

It depends on your legal status before and after the father left. If you are married then he still has full parental rights until a court renders a custody order. If you have been divorced custody should have been addressed in the divorce decree. If you were never married and he has no previously established custodial rights then you have full legal custody.

Who has legal custody rights until judges says different if the parents are not married he is on the birth certificate and is married to someone else?

If you were not married when the child arrived the legal custody lies with the mother. The father have to prove paternity in court before he can get his parental rights.

How long does a man have to go without any contact with the child before you could file for sole custody and or terminate his parental rights?

in Louisiana if pne parent doesnt see a child for one year the other parent has full custody of the child.

How many years can your child be in another's custody before you lose all parental rights and the state allows them to be legally adopted?

That would depend on what the court thought of your relationship with the child.

What are a mother's rights after signing over custody in California?

That completely depends on whether or not you voluntarily terminated your parental rights or the courts removed them before custody was re-assigned. If this happened, you have no rights. If it did not, you would need to refer to your court documents to see which rights, if any, were retained when you relinquished custody as this may be modified on a case-by-case basis.

Can you sign over custody of an unborn child to a friend without your husband's consent in Missouri?

No. The child has to be born before released for adoption. The father must consent because he has parental rights that are equal to the mother's.

How does a father go about getting custody of his daughter when the child's mother is incarcerated?

If you and the mother were married and you are absent from the home but never gave up any parental rights, or custodial rights, and have never had them denied, then as her father you probably have the right to take your daughter. However, DON'T just presume to do this without checking. You could technically be kidnapping your child. Check with the child protective agency in your state, and/or with the people who are presently caring for your daughter. If you have ever been denied custody of your daughter, or if your parental rights have been terminated, or if your daughter is in the custody of foster parents by way of a court action, then you will have some work to do convincing the court that you should have custody, or that your parental rights should be restored. It is possible in some cases for custodial rights to be restored and even for parental rights to be restored. But parental rights especially can be extremely difficult to restore, and it can take years. If you were never married to the child's mother you need to establish your paternity legally before you can petition for custody. You should visit the family court with jurisdiction over the child and ask to speak with an advocate. If possible, you should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues.

What is a petition for child custody?

It is a court form to go before a court in a case to settle who will get custody of a child.

How old does a child have to be before they can ask for sole custody?

Of who?

Can father sign birth certificate allowing him to immediately enforce his paternal rights and full legal guardianship with physical custody of newborn before DHS interferes on behalf of unfit mother?

It depends on state law, but usually more than a name on a birth certificate is required for an illegitimate father to obtain custody or parental rights. He have to provide a DNA test to prove he is the father and then he can petition for custody.

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