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Yes, you can--you are still married and do not need permission. In a divorce situation, you can be limited to a certain range. Check with your lawyer for specifics.


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Many women die from spousal abuse due co-dependency issues.

Yes, you can record spousal abuse, but it may not be used in a court of law although some judges will listen to the recording in his Chambers and make a decision from what he hears.

Yes. Her mother received the brunt of the abuse (both verbal and physical), but when Christina Aguilera's father, Fausto, began to abuse the children as well, Aguilera's mother filed for divorce. Songs about the abuse can be heard on Stripped on "I'm OK" and Back to Basics on "Oh Mother." Hope this helps! ;)

If by "spousal abuse" you actually mean a charge of "Domestic Violence," yes, it is possible that they will extradite for that charge, especially if serious injury resulted from the assault.

in 2007 29 congresspersons were accused of abuse 3 were arrested

Spousal abuse is almost always hidden by closed doors and family and friends may not be aware of what is going on. Therefore it is not mandatory in Kentucky or any other State to report spousal abuse, but, the victim should report it to the police.

shot his mother and father because of alcohol abuse

If it is disciplining children then it is generally the mother because she is the one who is either home raising the children or has responsibility of disciplining her children when she gets home from work. Often the mother will threaten the children with 'wait until your father gets home.' This threat is generally warranted when the children will not listen to her. If it is sexual abuse then the highest percentage is sexual abuse by the father, but there are a few cases where mothers can also sexually abuse. If it is physical abuse and not sexual abuse it is the mother that may abuse the child or children.

Often abuse is learned in the environment in which a child or children are brought up. If the father abuses the mother or, in some cases even the mother can abuse the father. Even though the environment in which the abuser grew up and learned to be abusive a person with genetics to have anger issues can also become an abuser.

When they are guilty of something and know they are going to get caught. FOr example, cheating.

Only they know for sure, but there were allegations of spousal and drug abuse.

Drug abuse is a social problem and because of the abuse there is more crime, more child abuse, more spousal abuse, death, and homeless people. All of this has a cost for the community and society.

False reporting of spousal abuse is a crime because it taint's the character of the person being falsely accused. It is immoral, can cause damage in the accused person's life and the accused person should take legal action.

Three are no extenuating circumstances in spousal abuse or domestic violence cases. The person who feels driven to the point of physical attack or violence ALWAYS has the option of walking away before the first blow is struck.

Yes, most all of Stalin's biographers note that Stalin's father beat both Stalin and Stalin's mother.

The North Carolina statute of limitations for spousal physical abuse claims, which would be an assault and battery is threeÊyears for a civil action. To bring forth a criminal action in a case such as this, the statute of limitations is two years.

of course, why do you think they were so close? spousal abuse IS a laughing matter.

It is about the abuse her and her mother were put through with her abusive father during her childhood and how she thanks her mother for always being there for her and being someone to always count on.

Per the Lautenberg Amendment, any conviction for domestic violence or spousal abuse.

His father was a strict and religious man who did abuse all of his children.

Lifestyle Magazine - 2001 Is Enough Ever Really Enough Myths About Spousal Abuse 20-26 was released on: USA: 2 August 2009

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