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Not at all

They delight in deception

Revel in betrayal

Feed on the ego boost of hurting

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Relationship with narcissist?

Definitely not worth it.

How can you have a relationship with a narcissist without feeling abused?

. You couldn't (improve on last answer, or have a relationship with a Narcissist without feeling abused).You cannot have a relationship with an abuser without feeling abused.

Can a Narcissist and psychopath have a lasting relationship?

Not a healthy relationship.. that's for sure

Can you have a relationship with a narcissist?

Yes, you can have a relationship with a narcissist, but will it be a fulfilling one? I was in a relationship with a narcissist and it completely drained my energy! They are so in love with themselves, they can do no wrong and they expect you to cater to their needs and their wants only. If they pamper you and give you things, it is for their own gain. Do not be fooled, these people do not know how to love anyone.

What is the definition of a exclusive relationship?

An exclusive relationship is when both people in the relationship agree to be faithful and committed to each other and only to each other. There can be no relationships with another on the side, because this would be either an open relationship or cheating. So to be exclusive, both people need to understand that they are in a relationship with that one person only.

Can you have a long term relationship with a narcissist?

People have long-term relationships with all sorts of people. Having a long-term relationship with a narcissist may not be your cup of tea, but it certainly is possible to do so.

What is the average length of a relationship for a narcissist?

Welll that depends how long this person lives. AS they are always in a relationship with themself

Who is the best match for a relationship for a narcissist?

someone also obsessed with that person.

Can relationship make you a narcissist?

not so much a narcissist but for sure you will notice in hindsight that you were beginning to act like those morons do.......a co-dependent

What kind of relationship can a narcissist stay in?

A relationship where he rules supreme and the other half feels depressed, devalued, and confused.

What is a exclusive boyfriend?

An "exclusive" relationship is when two partners are committed to each other and only each other.

What is a dating relationship?

A dating relationship would be considered just dating. You go on a date with your partner and it is not exclusive. This means you/they could date other people while dating you/them. Therefore, until you make the relationship exclusive, it is not.

What is goin steady?

Dating. Being in an exclusive relationship with someone.

Why do you grieve so much now that your narcissist father has died?

You grieve for the relationship you SHOULD have had.

How do you help a narcissist?

The question is help them how? Refer them to counseling, but they don't want to be fixed, though you may want to fix them to be a 'normal' person so you can keep a relationship with them. If you are a lay person and in a relationship with a narcissist, you cannot help them. Just by the nature of your relationship and the pathology of a narcissist, things will get ugly, it will be at your expense and there will be no change in the narcissist. A good therapist will be the one to help a narcissist, but it takes a great deal of work on the part of the narcissist, a commitment to healing, only they don't see themselves as 'broken' or anything wrong with them, so an honest introspective communication with a therapist is rare. It's so hard to understand. Leaving them is best for you though and isn't that sad that that is also the way to help a narcissist, because they are sucking your goodness from you and using it to buoy themselves. So sad.

Is it possible for a female narcissist to have a successful relationship with a male narcissist?

Please let me apologize in advance for my sarcasm, but I wish this were always the case! If all the narcissists paired up, then they would leave all us normal folks alone... Seriously, I did read somewhere (in Sam Vaknin's site?) that there are two particular "types" of narcissists may do well for a time...Was it an inverted narcissist he was refering to? I don't quite remember.(Google: "inverted narcissist maybe?) I also read that there are folks out there that actually like being in a relationship with a narcissist!

What is another way to say you're in an exclusive relationship without saying dating?

You can say that you're in a committed relationship, or a serious relationship, or a long-term relationship.

What is an inclusive exclusive relationship?

Answer A totally committed relationship between two people only. That's my understanding of the meaning.

Does a narcissist ever feel guilty to the point of giving expensive guilt presents in a relationship?

A narcissist may give expensive gifts, but only as a means of psychological manipulation, not out of guilt. A true narcissist thinks only of him or herself, and therefore is incapable of feeling guilt.

How do you get over a narcissist?

Give yourself a serious reality check. Stop pining over a delusion. Everything about a narcissist is an overblown illusion created to lure you in. Think about what you got out of the relationship and what you had to give. It is impossible to have a healthy relationship when it's all about one person only. Move on.

What is the relationship between narcissism and co-sex dependency in regards to the victim?

None. Codependency doesn't exist in a relationship with a narcissist.They use sex to brainwash you. Read WOMEN WHO LOVE PSYCHOPATHS (the book) it will explain it all.And get away from that Narcissist ASAP and into counseling.www.vainencounters.com

What drives a narcissistic abuser?

Narcissist lack empathy lack of feeling heard our feeling sorry for them who are narcissist they feed on pitty the insecurity in relationship drive conversations regarding trust imagnine living it.

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