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Can a new crown tooth that hits against another tooth cause you to need a root canal?

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No. But a tooth that needed a crown probably had a lot of decay. Sometimes it's very close to the nerve and doesn't heal itself and ends up needing a root canal. This is by no fault, just the way the tooth reacted.

Your teeth shouldn't be hitting each other in a bothersome fashion. If they are, the bite needs to be adjusted by the dentist polishing down the areas that are too "high." This is a very simple short procedure.

An improper bite can cause pain that might be mistaken for the pain of a nerve dying in a tooth. I don't know if it can cause actual damage.

2015-07-15 21:32:04
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Is a root canal necessary when getting a crown?

No, a root canal is not necessarily required when getting a crown.

Do you need a crown after a root canal?

A crown is typically recommended after a root canal because the tooth will tend to become very brittle and may fracture easily. A crown can prevent this.

What happens if you do not get a crown after root canal?

usually when you get a root canal there is not much tooth structure remaining and a crown helps support the tooth... so your tooth can break if you dont get a crown

Do you need a crown after getting a root canal?

Yes, especially after a root canal on a molar, root canals remove important structure of a tooth and that may cause the tooth to break and will then have to be pulled

Is replacing bonded tooth with a crown necessary to prevent root canal?

Is replacing bonded tooth with a crown necessary to prevent root canal?

Can a tooth that has a crown but no root canal hurt if the crown falls off?

yes it can

What do you do if you had a root canal and the crown came out 3 years ago and now there is a lump on your gum with a little pus in it?

You should have had the crown replaced and that lovely little pus is a sign of infection which means they are probably going to have to pull the tooth or perform another root canal.

When getting a crown is a root canal necessary?


What protects a root canal?

Once root canal treatment is performed, the patient must have a crown placed over the tooth to protect it. The cost of the treatment and the crown may be expensive.

What can you not do after a root canal?

After a root canal, it is highly recommended to put a crown on the tooth. After putting the crown you can eat anything u want but do not forget to brush twice a day. If you didn't put the crown even then you can chew things but not very hard.

Can you have a root canal with a crown already on?

You can have a root canal performed through a crown. It all depends on the circumstance. A small hole can be drilled into the crown and the root canal can be performed. The hole in the crown is then sealed with an amalgam or composite resin filling. Your dentist will determine if there is too much decay around the crown to perform a RCT with the crown in place. Root Canal Treatment is a process of removing the pulp/nerve inside of the tooth, cleaning it out with little tiny files and paper points to make sure it's clean and dry and then sealing it with a rubber material which is called 'Gutta-Percha'.

Do you have to get a crown after a root canal?

In my experience the answer is yes. I have had three root canals and only one crown. Let me explain before you get excited. I had an uneventful, yet rather expensive root canal/crown combo shortly after having my son 8 years ago. Then I had another root canal done in 2/08. I had a temporary filling in place. I never went to get the crown done because it was too expensive and I had lost my dental coverage. Well fast forward to today and I had to get another root canal on that same tooth because it became reinfected and was throbbing painful. So while researching "how long until Novocaine wears off". I saw this question was unanswered and thought I could share my experience. I know the entire root canal/crown thing is really darn expensive but in my experience don't wait, 'lest you want to do it all over again.' By the way, the charge to redo my root canal was more, not less expensive the second time around. You better believe I am getting my crown right away this time.

What is another name for a small crown?

Coronet is another name for a small crown.Tiara is also another word for a small crown.

Should you have your crown replaced or filled after a retreatment root canal?


What is a crown build up?

A crown build up is done when a person's tooth needs a crown. Usually cause my a large filling breaking or a tooth is broken. Once a tooth is more filling then natural tooth they usually want to put a crown on it. The tooth needs to have a solid foundation in order to support a crown, therefore they have to use special material in order to build the tooth up and prepare it for a crown. Also after any root canal, the dentist will want to put a build up in as teeth become very week after a root canal.. This ensure that the tooth is strong enough to support a crown.. Hope this helps

Is it necessary to put crown on the tooth having root canal?

it is better to have a crown made ... because after the RCT tooth becomes brittle so if heavy force is applied durin chewing or chewing anything hard it might cause fracture of the tooth

Can a dental crown get stuck in your system if swallowed?

A crown could get stuck in someones throat, which is the narrowest part of the alimentary canal. Once it gets through the throat, it can undoubtedly pass through the remainder of the alimentary canal.

What is the cost of a crown and root canal in Canada without insurance?

it depends on the dentist

What is the difference between a dental post and dental build up?

A dental post is necessary when a root canal procedure has been done on a tooth that requires a crown. A build up is done on a tooth that needs a crown and has not had a root canal.

Can you get another crown in fable 3?

No. The original crown is unsellable, so why would you need another?

Is a crown always needed after a root canel?

It is generally recommended to get a crown placed after a root canal because the tooth will tend to get brittle and prone to fracture over time. A crown will prevent this from happening.

How common is it to have to have a root canal done shortly after having a new crown?

It can happen. Removing a lot of the tooth for a crown can cause the tooth to go into "shock" and die. Meaning it needs a root canal. Or it could have been that the tooth was so decayed that it was very close to exposing the nerve when all of the decay was removed. Sometimes teeth heal themselves and other times they don't and they need a root canal. It happens occasionally. It is not very common but it's something that can happen. Sometimes the pulp has extentions that are close to the edge of the tooth and that don't always show on an x-ray. That is why, in these cases, the pulp might be irritated after putting a crown, therefore needing a root canal.

Can the dentist reuse your old gold crown on the same tooth after a root canal?

depends on the reason the crown had to be taken off if it was for caries the crown should be replaced if it happened just because the pulp started hurting but with no caries involved he might be able to glue the crown with temporary glue preform the root canal and then glue it again permanently -though he will have to add a `core` to the tooth too.

Causes of a root canal?

A root canal procedure is done as a result of bacteria reaching into the root canal of a tooth. The remenents of the nerve and pulp is taken out and sealed. A crown is then put over the ground down tooth.

What motivated the colonies to rebel against the British crown?

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