Can a parent relocate children

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Not if the other parent has joint custody and/or visitation rights.

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Q: Can a parent relocate children
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Can a remarried parent relocate children?

Not if the other parent has joint custody and/or visitation rights.

Can spouse relocate with children during divorce?

No in most states, and even than, the separated parent can file an injunction to prevent it or have the children returned.

Can you and your kids leave the state of GA once you get divorced you have joint custody?

No. You cannot do anything to interfere with the other parent's access to your children. You need to petition the court for permission to relocate.

What happens if custodial parent notifies non-custodial parent of relocation via certified letter and non-custodial parents neglects to file injunction to the relocation in a timely manner?

The custodial parent is legally free to relocate. This is because the noncustodial parent's argument as to why the relocation should not happen has not be presented to the court in time for the hearing and therefore the court will grant the custodial parent's application to relocate unopposed.

Can your daughter leave the state with her children without her husbands permission?

The answer depends on the details. Married parents do not need the permission of the other parent to take the children on a vacation to another state. The situation is different if one parent wants to relocate permanently to another state with the children. You should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues who can review your daughter's situation and explain her rights and options.

If Got divorced in Idaho and moved does the custodial parent have to follow?

No, the court can bar a custodial parent from taking the child out of state away from the non-custodial parent, but cannot force the custodial parent to relocate to be closer to the NCP after they move.

What are your parent's cousin's kids to you?

The children of your parent's first cousins are your second cousins. The children of your parent's second cousins are your third cousins.

Can a parent who has had polio pass on abnormalities to their children?

Yes a parent who has had polio can pass on abnormalities to their children.

What is the definition of a single parent family?

A single parent family is a type of family with only one parent present with either a blood related child/children or an adopted one.

What is the term for the relationship of parent and their children's parent's-in-law?


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