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Can a passenger in a car be a witness?

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A passenger in the car of an accident do you have to attend court for witness?

only if you receive a court summons saying that you need to appear in court to testify.

Who is responsible for repairs when an object flies off the back of a truck and puts large dent in your car and you have a passenger with you who witnessed the incident?

Technically the vehicle that lost the object. Unfortunately you have to prove what vehicle it came from and regardless of how many witnesses you have in your car, you need a witness from outside your car.

Is a carriage a car?

The definition of a carriage is "A horse-drawn passenger vehicle" It is also a railroad Passenger Car.

What is the name for a small car?

passenger car i think

What is population per passenger car?

Population per passenger car is the rate of how many people live in a country to how many passenger cars are privately owned.

Is there any car brands with artificial passenger?

No, but you can buy a fake passenger.

If a passenger leaves the scene of an accident can the passenger be charged?

I doubt it. The police might want to question a passenger as a witness to the accident. Also, the passenger might need medical attention, so it's best to stay at the scene of an accident.

If a passenger in a parked car opens a door and hits a pole what is the liability of the passenger?

Initially the driver has to pay the damages if anything besides the car was harmed or damaged but he can sue the passenger for the same amount and also for damage to the car.

What if you have 4 children in a 5 passenger car?

Then you have a space for one extra passenger...

Can a passenger in a car get a DWI if the driver does?


If you have your permit who can be in the car?

Only a person who has a license is allowed in the car NO passenger

In a passenger car or truck who must use safety belts?

driver and all passenger

What is a fire wall on a car?

it separates the engine-compartment from the passenger section of the car and slows a accidental engine fire from spreading in to the passenger compartment.

Can you have a passenger in the car when your sixteen?

Yes one

What side of the car is the right?

the passenger side

Is it illegal to tow a car with a passenger in it?


What is pcu traffic?

passenger car unit

What do you call a person who ride a car?


What is a person who sits in car called?


what about the passenger side door?

new car?

What is a discrediting witness?

A witness who says something against your argument. ex; You say you saw a car fly, whereas the discrediting witness says, "No, it went off a ramp going 180"

Can a passenger drink in a car in Nevada?

No, if referring to alcohol, a passenger in Nevada cannot drink in a car. It is illegal to drink any type of alcohol while in a vehicle.

Does the passenger side air bag deploy in a 1996 Honda Accord even if there is no passenger in the car at time of collision?

It did in my wife's 1996 Honda Accord when she ran into the car in front of her at about 15 mph. Also, when the passenger bag deployed, it shattered the windshield on the passenger side.

What should someone do if they witness a bad car accident?

As a witness to a bad car accident, a person should stay on the scene until they have told their version of the story to the police. Most often a police officer will want contact information for the witness in case more information is needed.

How do you put incident into a sentence?

The witness states that the car crash was an incident.