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Can a past bankruptcy hurt your chances of getting a good job?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-12 15:32:07

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the only way bankruptcy can hurt you if that job check your credit. if i was you i won't bring it up unless your asked.

2006-08-12 15:32:07
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If you get a small amount of life insurance but need it for funeral expenses will it hurt your chances of discharging a Chapter 7?

Most life insurance benefits are exempt from bankruptcy. Contact the trustee or the attorney who handled the bankruptcy to find out what applies in this situation.

Will a co-applicant who has bad credit hurt the chances of the primary applicant getting approved for a loan assuming the applicant has good credit?

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How does bankruptcy hurt credit?

Bankruptcy hurts credit because it creates a negative reputation for someone. It shows creditors that someone is not able to pay off their debts. It can hurt credit for about 10 years.

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Your credit score and income are more important than an account in collections.

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Any foreclosure or bankruptcy affects your credit. And for anywhere from 7 -10 years.

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While it may be more difficult for someone with a low credit sccore to get as good of a loan as someone with a good credit score, it is not necessarily a problem or impossible. For more information offers loan calculators.