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After you have a tooth removed, a scab like material forms over the wound, or empty socket where the tooth was. If you manage to bump, or tear this off, by eating or brushing, you will end up with what the dentist would refer to as a "dry" socket. I know, because I accidentally bore down on a piece of french bread, and the bread got lodged in the socket. The pain is unbearable. So be careful for about 2 weeks. And, the older you are, the longer it takes for the injury to heal.

The clove oil patches that the dentists sometimes place over a dry socket can be dislodged from eating or brushing. They are packed in, but not stitched or anything like that. You still have to be careful for a few days after it is placed.

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Q: Can a patch over a dry socket come out from brushing or eating?
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