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yes you just have to ask your doctor

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Q: Can a paternity test be performed the day the baby is born?
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When can a paternity test be done on a baby?

You can have a DNA Paternity test done on as soon as the baby is born. With the use of mouth swabs

When is the soonest you can do a paternity test?

as soon as the baby is born

How soon after baby is born can you do a paternity test?

Pretty much as soon as the baby is born

Where can you have a paternity test done before the baby is born?

How far along in a pregnancy before a paternity test can be done

Do you have to wait until baby is born to do paternity test?


How soon can you take a paternity test?

As soon as the baby is born.

How long can you wait to do a paternity test on a new born baby?

u can have a test anytime.

How soon can a paternity test be preformed?

Paternity test can be performed with newborn baby and even it can be done on unborn babies through mother's amniotic fluid but its risky process.

Can you get a paternity test before baby is born?

Yes you can at about 3 to 4 months you can have an ammnio syntesis and it can tell you almost anything from paternity to if the baby has any diseases or down syndrome so yes you can get a paternity test done before the baby is born. There are risks with this procedure though so if it's just to check paternity they wait until the baby is born.

How soon in pregnancy can you determine paternity?

The baby has to be born before you can test paternity. The baby's blood needs to be taken. You cannot remove blood from a baby in the womb.

How early can you perform a paternity test?

On the day you give birth == == You can perform a paternity test while your still carrying the baby. But this test does carry a risk of miscarriage so I would wait until the baby is born then do the test.

How do you know if a baby is mine or not?

Get a paternity test

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