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Yes they can. Remember, it is against the law to marry someone for residency and not for love, even though VERY hard to prove, they do ask questions as to what type of panties does she wear, What side of bed he sleeps on, etc., etc.! However, an illegal resident can not leave the country as they will NOT be allowed in until green card is issued! Contact Immigration for application. It will run you ~$500+ for application, medical & criminal record check. If you have other questions contact me at (RAArchie) Yes, however marrying a U.S. citizen does not automatically confer or guarantee that said person will be granted permanent resident status or citizenship, or will not face deportation depending upon individual circumstances. For specific information...United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

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Q: Can a permanent resident of the United States marry an illegal immigrant so he can file for his residence?
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How can an illegal alien get a green card?

An immigrant who is unlawfully within the US is not eligible for permanent residence status (green card).

How does an illegal alien get a green card?

An immigrant who is unlawfully within the US is not eligible for permanent residence status (green card).

If a permanent resident planning to apply for a citizenship but husband is illegal immigrant without a visa Can this person apply without informing immigration about illegal status of the spouse?


If an illegal immigrant marries a woman who has legal status and they have a child will the father then have legal status?

No, marrying a US citizen or a permanent resident does not grant the illegal immigrant legal status regardless of whether there is a child involved or not.

You are a US citizen military member and you want to marry an illegal immigrant will it help her get her permanent residency if you are in the military?

Regardless if you are in the military or not, once you marry an illegal immigrant with a marriage of a year or longer, they are legally U.S. residence thereafter.

What will happen if an illegal immigrant marry a us citizen and divorce before filing for a permanent residence?

The US citizen may cancel the I-130 petition, and the illegal will not be given permanent residency. If the immigrant entered illegally into the country, then it doesnt matter because marriage to a US citizen CANNOT help make the immigrant legal.

If an illegal immigrant became a US citizen by marriage what happens if they divorce?

Divorce and ImmigrationIf the immigrant has became a US permanent resident under PR1 then they retain that status after divorce. If the immigrant is under CR status (conditional resident status) They need to file adjustment of status to impermanent residence before the date of their immigration card. The spouse divorcing the CR1 resident could hire a lawyer and submit paperwork to their local USCIS office in cases where they were proven faithlessness from the immigrant, or domestic violence, or fraud from the immigrant. This stuff is marked into the system and does not look good when the CR1 resident when they go for their interview. CR1 status is only good till they file to adjust status to permenet residence and they need their spouse for this. All in all if the resident has become a American Citizen and they have divorced said spouse then they retain that citizenship no matter what.

Are permanent resident aliens illegal aliens?

An alien is not illegal as long as she/he has documentation of status. An alien who is documented to be a permanent resident is not illegal. If the alien does not have and never has had documentation of an immigration status, then that person is an illegal alien.

Does an illegal alien become a legal resident or citizen by marrying a US citizen?

No. He or she is required to apply for permanent residence status according to US immigration laws.

Can an illegal immigrant become a citizen of the U.S. if their business makes more than ten thousand dollars a month?

No, an illegal immigrant could never change status to a citizen, he would have to become a legal permanent resident first (LPR). But in any case, just making $10k/month wont allow an illegal immigrant to become a LPR

Can illegal alien marry American citizen to become an American citizen?

The simple answer is, NO, at least not right away. An illegal alien gains very little from marriage to a permanent resident. You cannot adjust status to permanent resident inside the U.S. You would have to leave the country to apply for an immigrant visa based upon the marriage.

What does it mean to be an illegal immigrant but have permenent residency?

There is no such thing, if you're illegal you do not have legal permanent residency.

Does an illegal immigrant become a legal resident by having a baby with an American citizen?


Can a permanent resident help her illegal Brazilian husband become legal in the US?

no, only us citizen can help for permanent resident

If you marry and illegal immigrant does he or she have to be living with you to get permanent residency?

send them back to where they came from

How does an illegal immigrant get married to a U.S. citizen?

If the illegal immigrant has, at least, a drivers license, passport, visa, or other identifying documents he or she may legally marry in the majority of U.S. states. He or she is still required to follow the laws of the state in which the marriage will occur. However, the immigrant does not automatically receive permanent residence status (green card) and is still subject to deportation procedures.

Where can a US citizen marry an illegal immigrant in the United States?

You can marry anywhere your hearts desire! After you get married the Illegal Resident needs to apply for Permanent residency. You can have the application sent to you just by calling them up (they have computer automated service also).

Can you marry an illegal immigrant to make them legal if they were deported?

No, marriage of a legal or illegal foreign national to a U.S. citizen does not automatically confer citizenship nor permanent resident status to the individual. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

How long do you have to be married to an illegal immigrant so he would become a resident?

2 months and 900000000000000 years

Can an illegal immigrant mom claim child support from legal resident father?

no. the mom should be a legal resident before she cliams child suport.

What if an illegal immigrant divorces and marries a us citizen to get perminit residence divorced an remarried in under 1 year?

He can be arrested as he is a illegal immigrant and he has got married before waiting for a year aftr getting divorced.

Does an illegal alien who has overstayed his visa for more than a year become a legal resident or citizen by marrying a us citizen?

You've got to be kidding. Breaking the law is not the path to citizenship or permanent residence, neither is marriage.

When the illegal immigrant will be deported?

The illegal immigrant will be deported when caught.

Is it legal for a us citizen to marry an illegal immigrant?

Yes, if he then becomes a legal resident There is nothing illegal about marriage, however, since the other one is an illegal immigrant, they are not likely to be granted citizenship simply because of the marriage. The two could be separated for many years.

If you marry an illegal citizen and you are an American citizen do you have to live together if you have an alternative lifestyle?

First, there's no such thing as an illegal citizen. Second, there's no such thing as an alternative lifestyle. But if you are asking if a marriage between a gay person and an illegal immigrant of the opposite sex would be valid if it is not consummated, that depends upon the laws of the state where the marriage took place. If the marriage was made with the intent for the illegal alien to gain citizenship or permanent resident status, that won't happen. Marrying a U.S. citizen DOES NOT automatically confer citizenship or permanent resident status.